Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Physical health issues are common for recovering addicts. The reality is that consistent substance use is not good for your body and can cause long-term damage. Furthermore, while you are using substances, you might neglect your physical health, spending months or years not exercising, as well as eating irregular and unbalanced meals.

For this reason, many recovering addicts struggle to get back in shape after rehab. Regular exercise can seem like an insurmountable challenge. But exercise is known to improve mental health and will help you stay off substances. It is crucial that you find ways to exercise and keep in shape.

The good news is that exercise does not need to be as difficult as you might think. Here are 5 great ways to keep in shape after rehab.

1. E-bike Riding:

You might never have heard about an e-bike – it is a pity that it remains such a niche item. An e-bike is a kind of bicycle that has electronic elements to provide pedal assistance. It is far easier to ride than a traditional bicycle, but still gives you an excellent workout. In fact, research has shown that you get almost exactly the same amount of exercise when riding an e-bike, even though it feels like a lot less exertion.

An e-bike gives you a new way to get around, or simply provides an easy workout that is still incredibly effective. It is the perfect exercise tool for people leaving rehab.

2. Stationary Bike:

That said, not everyone wants to have to leave their home whenever they exercise. After all, that can make it difficult to exercise on very hot or rainy days, even if the riding experience itself is enjoyable. If this is you, a stationary bike may be an excellent purchase. A basic stationary bike costs a couple hundred dollars and gives you an easy way to exercise at home.

Stationary bikes are great for people who don’t love exercising, as you can go at whatever pace you want and even stop for breaks. It is also a means of exercising that strengthens your legs without putting pressure on your knees, which is important for people with joint issues.

3. Walking:

Many of us do not see walking as real exercise. We think the option is either running or no exercise at all. This cannot be further from the truth. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that has huge benefits for heart health and overall fitness. Starting by walking for just twenty minutes a day will make a huge difference to your life.

Aside from improving your health, walking also improves your mobility. If you are struggling with weight issues or low muscle mass, getting around can be tough. By improving your mobility, your quality of life improves.

4. Sports:

For some people, exercise just seems like a chore. The idea of riding a bike or running or walking can seem boring. If this resonates with you, playing a team sport may be the perfect form of exercise. Instead of simply repeating a movement, you are involved in a game. While the stakes may be low in a casual game, it will still keep you engaged.

Playing sports is also great for recovering addicts as it provides a sense of community. Spending time engaging in physical activity with a group of people may be exactly what you need after leaving rehab. There are few other scenarios in which you work towards a shared goal in which everyone has the same investment. You do so in rehab and you do so when playing team sports.

5. Gym Classes:

Another approach to the group experience is taking classes at your local gym. In these classes, a trainer guides you through different exercises, helping you according to your level of fitness and experience. You are doing it with a group of likeminded people, but you don’t have to engage directly with them if you don’t want to.

Gym classes are perfect for people who get bored by the isolation when working out but who are introverted or prefer to keep to themselves. It is also a good way to meet people without any pressure, as you immediately have a common interest and there is no expectation on you to get involved in a conversation.

These 5 workouts are excellent ways to keep in shape after leaving rehab. Recovering your physical health and fitness is crucial after putting your body through months or years of strain.