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A relaxed young woman floating in a sensory deprivation tank. This alternative form of therapy is supposed to relax and clear your mind. 926723558 sc0907

A sensory deprivation tank allows you to float in dark silence and detach from the distractions of external stimuli. The outside world is full of distractions that can overload your senses. Floatation therapy suspends you in a shallow pool saturated with Epsom salt. The benefits of floatation therapy or REST (restricted environmental stimuli therapy) include relaxation, pain relief, and a remedy for anxiety. Here are a few reasons why sensory deprivation can be beneficial:

1. A Mental Boost

According to studies, float therapy sessions may give you a mental boost by helping to remedy various mental ailments. Booking a floatation tank session may help with stress, depression, and anxiety disorder. People who undergo the therapy also report increased optimism after the session. Good feelings can increase focus and creativity and help relieve negative emotions. Floatation tanks allow users to set time aside to be mindful and relaxed.

The tanks are dark and silent, which cuts off the noise and visual distractions. Epsom salt also increases buoyance, so you can float effortlessly and enjoy the darkness. The goal is to give yourself time to break away from your busy lifestyle and mentally reset. Floatation therapy can help to promote calmness and stress relief. The tanks offer a tranquil environment where you can shut down the external stimuli to achieve deep focus and relaxation.

2. Pain Relief

Floatation therapy can fill your body with feel-good endorphins that help relieve physical pain. The sessions can potentially reduce the perceived intensity of chronic pain stemming from joints and aching muscles. The pain relief is attributed to the feel-good factor from the mental reset. Floating and weightlessness also relieve tension and pressure from the joints and muscles.

Regular sessions in a sensory deprivation tank can potentially reduce physical pain in your neck, knees, hips, and other places. The Epsom salts also feature magnesium, a natural anti-inflammatory agent that can soothe tired, aching muscles. A drop in stress levels promotes relaxation and allows the body to recover naturally. The mind and body are connected, so mental elation can foster a sense of wellness and help reduce perceived pain.

3. Improved Rest & Sleep

If you find it difficult to sleep, floatation therapy may help. The sessions can reduce brain activity by shutting off external stimuli, allowing you to relax fully. You’ll find it might be easier to drift off to sleep. The tanks defy gravity, so your body will remain buoyant with no chance of turning over or drowning. You can drift to sleep during your session in the tank.

Regular floatation tank therapy can improve rest, sleep, and relaxation. You may leave the session feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Floatation therapy clears the mind, relieves pain, and promotes wellness. The sessions also help to reduce anxiety and depression, which can impact sleep. A clear mind also helps it to be easier to rest and improves sleep quality.

4. Optimized Circulation

Floatation therapy can dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. The tanks suspend your body effortlessly, removing it from any contact. You’ll also find it easier to relax and release muscle tension. Improved blood flow maximizes the supply of oxygen, red blood cells, and nutrients to different parts of the body. Good circulation has many health benefits and can speed up natural healing. Poor circulation causes blood clots and other health risks.

The water in floatation tanks contains Epsom salts, and your body can absorb some of the magnesium in the tanks. Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and reduces high blood pressure. Regular floatation therapy can help pregnant women relieve stress from their joints and muscles and optimize circulation. Athletes seeking fast recovery and improved performance can also use the sessions to boost blood flow to their muscles.

Try a Sensory Deprivation Tank Today

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