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What do people imagine when they hear the word “addiction”? Today, alcohol, marijuana, and painkillers are perceived as common addictions among people. However, cravings and addictions are more common than your imagination! How does an addict’s brain function? Experts believe that certain activities people enjoy stimulating the release of dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure. So, you may become addicted to this feeling and seek those activities more often. Soon, you start craving these activities uncontrollably and become disinterested in others. Scientists discuss chemical and behavioral addictions separately. So, we’ll mention some of these dangerous obsessions that may ruin your life. 

Some Dangerous Addictions You Must Know About

We distinguish between drug abusers and drug addicts. When you’re using drugs excessively and taking them for recreational purposes, then it’s drug abuse. When you can’t quit consuming drugs, then it’s drug addiction. How do addictions ruin your life? They mess with your mind, weaken you physically, force you to become a loner, and hurt everyone around you. That’s why we call addiction a “family disease,” as it damages people’s relationships. Addicts aren’t productive, and they remain in drug-induced illusions that keep them away from reality. There are several addictions – unfortunately – that are considered normal in society. That’s why we’re describing some of these cravings here to inform people about their evils:

  • Alcohol:

Alcohol remains a prevalent addiction while killing 95,000 Americans annually. What is the solution to treat this addiction? We suggest you contact Delphi Health Group, where patients receive individualized treatment for these cravings. Your road to recovery begins with entering the right rehab center. These treatment facilities also help drug addicts quit their harmful cravings.

  • Heroin

Heroin is one of the most commonly abused opioids since the 1920s. If you look into how to quit heroin, you will see you need to go through rehab in order to be successful.

  • Coffee:

Caffeinated beverages have remained popular among humans for several centuries. But it’s severely unhealthy to consume coffee excessively. Experts have said that 5 cups/day can save you from being addicted to this beverage. Since drinking too much coffee may cause anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and muscle tremors. Stay away from overusing coffee whenever you’re anxious about something.

  • Nicotine:

Some claim that 50+ million Americans today suffer from nicotine addiction. It’s estimated that over 480,000 deaths occur due to cigarette smoking. Also, smoking causes problems such as lung cancer among men/women. So, we suggest smokers quit this craving. They may switch to e-cigarettes while quitting this unsafe habit. Vaping has helped many smokers overcome this craving.

  • Marijuana:

Since marijuana’s been legalized in many states today, people have started to neglect its potential to cause addiction among consumers. Studies reveal that 9% of people smoking marijuana can become addicts. It’s important to restrict your consumption of weed-related drugs. Even patients today are vulnerable to its harmful influence. This addiction isn’t good for people wishing to stay productive.

  • Sex:

Sexual addictive behaviors aren’t properly understood. Some experts suggested labeling compulsive sexual attitudes as hypersexuality. A person experiences uncontrollable sexual fantasies and behaviors that damage their mental/physical well-being. It’s estimated that 3-5 percent of the folks here are addicted to some form of sexual attitude. Thus, they need rehab to recover self-control.

  • Painkillers:

Physicians prescribe drugs such as Vicodin and Oxycontin to help patients manage their pain during an illness. However, people can become hooked on prescribed drugs as well! Some people overuse these medicines, while others illegally obtain them. This addiction has often been portrayed in games like Max Payne, but we need more folks to learn how these pills can ruin their lives.

  • Gambling:

A 2013 survey found that 2 million Americans were addicted to gambling. Also, millions of others let this “passion” interfere with their standard lifestyles. It’s estimated that 85% of the people in this country have gambled at least once. While most people gamble for entertainment, others have become obsessed with it. Hence, get help if your gambling addiction leads to destructive behavior.

  • Shopping:

Compulsive shopping remains a prevalent addiction among people in the 21st century. So, have you ever bought needless objects just because you were depressed only to feel guilty about your sudden shopping spree? Experts have termed these people shopaholics, while explaining how this craving can ruin a person financially. Compulsive shoppers should seek therapy/counseling to get better.

  • Plastic surgery:

Many people suffer from body dysmorphic disorder and prefer going under the knife to change their appearance. This mental ailment (BDD) makes more sense than people having an addiction to cosmetic surgery. Many plastic surgery patients have shown BDD symptoms and remain dissatisfied with their appearance. Thus, they’re preoccupied with the delusion of being ugly, deformed, or unattractive.

  • The internet:

Psychologists are reluctant to identify it as a legitimate addiction. But the APA recently showed their support for the concept of internet addiction by identifying how it affects your brain via a technique called neuroimaging. One study shows that 6% of the world’s population is addicted to the internet. This obsession pulls people away from reality and traps them inside the digital world of delusions.


From caffeine addiction to compulsive shopping – several addictions today remain accepted by society. People believe that drugs/alcohol are the only cravings we should worry about today. It’s estimated that some 20 million Americans suffer from SUD (substance abuse disorder). Unfortunately, just 10% of these addicts receive any form of treatment. Some other treatments you should know about involve sex, the internet, gambling, video games, plastic surgery, and other forms. Seemingly harmless stuff, e.g., nicotine and painkillers, may also ruin people’s lives with excessive consumption. Moreover, people can also become addicted to food and work. These addictions are unhealthy for individuals and our society.

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