Every organization exists for a reason. It always works for the benefit of a group or to protect their interests. When you talk about Crypto Conduct Authority, it is yet another organization that stands not only to benefit two important groups but also protect their interests. To be precise, the organization is all about protecting the interests of online traders and brokers. It also serves as a hub for trading related information for traders and brokerage related information for brokers.

The good news is that CCA is doing more things than you could count on your fingers. Let’s take a look at the importance of this organization based on the works it does.

Information Hub for Traders
If you are trader, you are going to find a lot of information CCA that will help you with a variety of things. Firstly, let’s talk about education on cryptocurrency trading. Do you want a neutral party to provide you with information on how you can trade cryptocurrencies? If yes, you will love the education that CCA has compiled over the course of years. Keep in mind that it has been compiled by people who understand cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrencies inside out. So, you can always trust what they have to say about things. They have this course that you can take advantage of by becoming a member.


In addition to that, it also serves as a source of information about regulation news. It is always posting news about the latest actions being taken by regulatory authorities against various online brokers and exchanges. To that end, you will be able to know which broker is on the radar, which one you should avoid, and which one is safe to sign up with.

Marketing Hub for Brokers
If you are someone who is running an online brokerage firm or is thinking about running one for traders, you will benefit greatly from the services provided by Crypto Conduct Authority. So, if you look at the services, marketing is not a part of the main service. However, it is definitely in the add-on section and you are going to love how much this organization can do for you to market your brand. Keep in mind that it has been around for nearly 10 years and associated with the same cryptocurrency industry all these years. This has given CCA some great network and made it an authoritative figure in crypto communities.

The organization can broadcast the interview of the CEO of your company on various websites to get your brand the traction it needs. It can also disseminate the reviews of your brokerage firm on many online websites that are relied upon by hundreds of thousands of online traders before they take a trading decision. You can be sure that all of your marketing will be getting done by an organization that has great reputation in the industry.

Dispute Resolution for Both Parties
This is the primary service of Crypto Conduct Authority and it is supposed to be for brokers as well as traders. Whether you are a trader or a broker, you wouldn’t want to ruin your relationship. As a broker, you want to have as many traders as possible in your database and actively trading on your platform. As a trader, you want to stick to the same broker because you understand their system well. However, if you happen to land in a situation where you have a dispute with the broker, you can always take your matter to CCA. However, you will still have to talk to the broker first.

Final Thoughts
No one can deny the importance of this organization that has come into existence to resolve a matter that plagues the online industry. Unresolved disputes make traders believe that they signed up with a scammer, even though it could only be a misunderstanding. CCA is now here to help both parties keep their trust and provide them with amicable resolution to their disputes.