2022 will check the 150th Anniversary of the foundation of Yellowstone as the primary public park. Yellowstone roused and upheld native societies some time before it turned into a recreation area. Both prompted its turning into a public park, and in the time since, Yellowstone keeps on rousing workmanship, music, writing, science, and a protection development that prompted other public parks in America and all over the planet. We are pleased to give guest administrations in this extraordinary spot during such an outstanding achievement year.

As a component of the commemoration celebration, Xanterra will have a public occasion on May 6, matching with the mid year season opening of the Old Faithful Inn. The speculative schedule* is as per the following:

150th Anniversary Event*

May 6, 2022 Old Faithful Inn Lobby (11am)

Comments from NPS and Xanterra delegates


Local American Art Exhibit and Marketplace opens (the Exhibit and Marketplace will be open as the weekend progressed) including Traci Rabbit, D.G. House, Scott Frazier, Peter Ray James, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Free Historic Yellow Bus Tours of Old Faithful historically significant area (May 6 as it were)

*Times are dependent on future developments