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Have you at any point considered utilizing a Face Mask with suitable ventilation and Bluetooth headphones? This new xuper cover (articulated as: super veil) is an ideal mix of solace and innovation. You can wear this cover for quite a long time and still feel no suffocation and no disturbance.

Individuals in the United States are enthusiastically hanging tight for the dispatch of this specialized veil’s first clump. This Xuper Mask has swappable channels for keeping up appropriate ventilation all through.

Kindly push forward and learn more insights regarding it.

A Few Words About This Mask’s Making

Will.i.am is right now the head of Intel’s advancement and has made huge interests in Tesla and Beat Electronics. Also, he claims an organization that is more centered around enhancing specialized wearables.

As of late, he has reported his association with Honeywell to dispatch a face veil with trend setting innovation containing HEPA channels, commotion dropping sound, mouthpiece abilities, Bluetooth network and LED day gleam lights. You will likewise see an attractive earbud docking framework inside the face cover.

Key Features of the Xuper Mask

Innovation has changed our ways of life, and this cover is the correct model for this assertion. Aside from having a one of a kind external look, this face veil has a lot of highlights, including:

The veil has LED day gleam lights.

This veil contains ventilation fans and swappable HEPA channels that you can trade after consistently. You can purchase a bunch of three channels for $27.99.

This super valuable face veil made with imaginative materials and involved a silicon face seal and a movable tie.

You can purchase this creative Xuper Mask for $299.

You can charge your face cover as the veil contains a USB port of type-C.

You can wear this cover while going as it has a battery life of around seven hours.

When will the First Batch of Masks be accessible for the Customers?

The engineers have declared that these specialized face covers’ first cluster will be at last dispatched on April 8, 2021.

The bunches will be conveyed to places like the United States, Canada, the EU and the United Kingdom. Individuals are anxious to get their face cover and attempt the nature of Bluetooth earbuds with 5.0 abilities.

How have individuals responded to these covers?

We saw a few posts with respect to this Xuper Mask via online media stages like Instagram. The cover has effectively acquired huge number of preferences and a couple of remarks on Instagram.

This veil allows you to kick off style without settling on your security.


Innovation has consistently made its critical commitment towards making our lives helpful, and this veil is the correct decision for nearly everybody. You will get a total bundle containing:

Driven lights.

Ventilation fans.

HEPA channels.

Great battery life.

This face cover will likewise work like your earpods and guarantees your solace.

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