Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Utilized in more than 25 nations by alleviation and philanthropic associations, the X-Torch lamp conveys light and off-matrix reinforcement power in a toughly planned and compact bundle. 3 light modes convey 50, 140 or 150 lumens as a table lamp, spotlight, or nightlight. It switches around full by means of divider charger in 1.5 hours or by sun powered in 22 hours to convey run times from 7-48 hours. There’s likewise a 2 amp yield USB port that will re-energize your telephone to 100%.

The SOLAR controlled XTorch multi-capacities as a battery-powered spotlight/room light/work lamp and telephone charger for off-network experiences and when blackouts occur at home.

Utilized all throughout the planet International Emergency Response – it will be extreme enough for you at home and when outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Solar Rechargeable
  • Room Lantern
  • Phone Back-Up Charger
  • Flashlight

*A part of the returns go to supporting RREAL’s main goal of making sun powered energy open to everybody.

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