Mon. Jun 17th, 2024
WPS Office Training

What Is WPS PDF?

WPS PDF is a unified package for PDF processing. It is an online WPS tool that allows you to edit, convert, store, process, and manage PDF files. You can try WPS PDf for free. However, for complete access to all features, you will have to buy a premium version of it.

Among the four main components of the WPS Office suite, WPS PDF is the one with the most advanced features and productivity. It has enabled easy and efficient file format conversions along with extraordinary editing options. This is why WPS Office is a reliable and trusted choice for many.Free office training 

Features Of WPS PDF

When it comes to viewing, editing, or converting PDF files, you must have been dealing with a lot of trouble. File conversions are often unexciting and exhausting, but WPS PDF has made it all easy peasy.

However, the list does not end on just file conversions; there are also other compelling options to explore. Keep reading through our article so you may not miss out on any of these powerful WPS PDF capabilities.

PDF To Word Conversion

Whenever you download a PDF file from somewhere and try to edit it, you just give up. It might be because you don’t have a PDF-to-Word converter or you just don’t know one exists. WPS PDF allows you to convert any PDF file into a Word document (.doc, .docx formats) and enables you to easily edit it. It is as convenient as a single click, and you’re good to go.

PDF To Excel Conversion

You wonder how cool it would have been if you could convert a PDF file to an editable spreadsheet. Well, it is possible. WPS PDF allows you to convert any PDF file into an editable excel spreadsheet within seconds. You can now process your uneditable PDF like an actual excel sheet.

PDF To PPT Conversion

You can convert a PDF file into an editable PowerPoint presentation by just using the PDF to PPT feature of WPS PDF. It allows you to add, remove or edit any slides in the presentation, that too without limiting you to a certain file size.

Word To PDF Conversion

When you need to preserve the layout of your Word file so that its contents and formatting may not change when shared and viewed on other devices, you can simply use the Word to PDF feature. It also enables you to conveniently share your word files.

PPT To PDF Conversion

Similarly, in order to preserve the layout of a PowerPoint presentation (.ppt, .pptx format), all you need to do is convert your PPt file into a PDF by using WPS PDF. It ultimately makes viewing and sharing presentations efficient.

Excel To PDF Conversion

You can use the Excel to PDF feature of WPS PDF for converting any Excel spreadsheet into an easy-to-read PDF file. This feature is also accessible free of cost.

JPG To PDF Conversion

You can convert images or any JPG, PNG, BMP, or JPEG file into a PDF file for free. WPS PDF also allows you to further edit that file such as adjusting margins and rectifying PDF orientation.

Compressing A PDF

Some PDF files may be too large to be shareable. In this scenario, you can use WPS PDF to compress such files into a smaller size by using one of the various compression methods available.

Merging A PDF

You might come across a scenario where you want to integrate multiple PDF files into a single PDF. In such a case, you can rely upon WPS PDF for merging numerous files into one, along with enabling various organizing features (adding, deleting, or rearranging pages).

Splitting A PDF

You might be looking for a way to extract a certain page from another PDF and add it to yours. Here, you can use WPS PDF to split all pages of that PDF and extract them to various other PDFs.For more details free office training