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If you need to choose the best healer in Burning Crusade Classic, who will you vote for? Due to the ability of healing spells that can help other teammates to recover HPS, Healers are popular between raids and dungeons. To help you get the best healer in the Burning Crusade Classic TBC, we’ve compiled a ranking of healer for you! Which class should you run and why? By the way, no matter what class you are playing, you will require a huge amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold!

Shaman – S Tier

The biggest highlight of the TBC version of Shaman Class is Bloodlust, but as a skill that can only provide buffs for the team, Shaman still needs to be required according to the team configuration. Below 1000 mana, the shaman increases melee and ranged attack speed and reduces casting time by 30% for 40 seconds. That’s just insane. If you have many friends of melee players, please choose Shaman as the first treatment, and you then you will be the world buff of the melee group. The healing chain has also become smarter, and beginners will have a better experience starting with a shaman.

Holy Priest–A Tier

The priest is the summoner of the spirits of light and dark. They have always believed in their own convictions above all else, putting the needs of the people and the greater good above all else. Priest Healer brings the most versatile kit of all healers – Circle of Healing and prayer of healing for group healers, healing over time equivalent to druid rejuvenation, mana word: shield to prevent damage if mana efficiency is low. The utility of priestly healing is great, but it only takes one priest to maximize it — any priestly healing is unnecessary. Priest is the only class in the game that has two talent trees dedicated to healing, and it shows. The buffs include Prayer of Fortitude (virtually always boosted by Improved Power Word: Fortitude) and Prayer of Shadow Protection, and its utility extends to abilities like Power Word: Shield, Power Infusion, and Fear Ward.

Holy Paladins–A Tier

Paladins specialize in single-target healing and are often assigned to monitor tanks. Improved Piety aura increased armor is a nice addition to the tank group. The paladins’ greatest strength, aside from their single goal of healing, is their mana efficiency. Their healing is so powerful that it is quite common to reduce your spell as a paladin in order to consistently output healing. They also have plenty of cooldowns, which can come in handy when things don’t go according to plan, or can be used up front to make the difficult parts of encounters quite easy.

Druid – A Tier

In World of Warcraft, druids are one of the class A healers with great crowd control and instant spellcasting healing. They have great PvE healing and mana efficiency. But the druid’s main drawback is that it lacks the ability to heal directly, and the 3-second healing contact is mostly unused. The fastest way to heal is healing, which costs a lot of mana and cannot be used continuously.

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