Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Young woman is removing lint from fluff dust filter of the tumble dryer. Dust and dirt trapped by the clothes dryer filter. Laundry processes

The most important and significant reason to wash your dryer vent each year is to avoid a catastrophic dryer fire from lint. If you could look into the vent of your dryer when the fire is brewing and you were to look inside, this is what you’d be able to see. The first thing you notice is that a portion that is a vent pipe completely filled with dust.

Because the heat doesn’t have where to go then the lint and metal duct becomes hotter and hotter. The lint will start to get more compact and darker until it starts to melt. In the end the ember will begin to ignite and will get larger and larger until a fire starts. The flame spreads outwards to the outside, then inside toward the dryer. The clothes in the dryer catch the flames. Then some wiring in the dryer could catch fire and cause an electrical fire one of the most destructive fires you can experience. This is why it’s essential to wash the dryer duct every year.

You may think dryer vent cleaning is an expense you can avoid. In this economy, where everyone is tightening their belts Do it yourself is the norm for homeowners. There’s no reason why you cannot take care of your vents yourself typically, homeowners are able to get rid of any build-up of lint from their dryers and ducts with ease. But there are instances that you need to consider dryer vent cleaners.

Lint build-up isn’t the only reason dryers may experience decreased airflow. The warm air released from vents is appealing to animals, particularly during winter. Small creatures and birds attempt to build nests within the vents, and the substances can block the vents. Based on the thickness of the wall and size of the duct the homeowner might not be able to access the entire nesting material.

Dryer vent cleaning service are in a position to assist people in cleaning the ductwork inside the walls. They have equipment that allow them to get access to the ductwork and remove the obstruction.

Another location that could create difficulties for obstructions to the dryer could be the flexible hose running between drying equipment and wall. The wet lint may stick to the inner lining of the hose and then collect within the bends of the hose as it reaches the wall.

Depending on the length of the hose and the location where it connects to the wall, homeowners might not be able to get the whole length. It’s also hard for some home owners to get the dryer out around in order to get rid of the hose to clean.

Cleaning the dryer vent may assist homeowners in disassembling the dryer hose and dryer itself, if required. If lint is able to escape the trap, it accumulates in the drying barrel, or on other internal components.

It’s not always simple to disassemble to clean. If a certain component of the dryer isn’t able to be cleaned by a professional, they have the tools that a homeowner cannot buy. They are able to access areas that are not accessible with other methods. In most cases, dryer vent cleaning service will obtain a dryer cleaner more quickly more effectively than a homeowner.
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