Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Custom Vograge Keychain

Should it rather be the classic key fob for the trade fair appearance? Then you will surely find what you are looking for on the key ring overview page. There you will find such top sellers as well as or with LED flashlights. Unusual key fob combination that draws even more attention to your logo and your advertising messages.

Wooden custom keychains are becoming more and more fashionable, and if we also have them with original shapes, we have the perfect keychain. Our personalized wooden keychains with varied shapes are the ideal option for all tastes.

The wood is perfect to personalize it as you like, making the design stand out in a spectacular way. They have the classic ring in which we put the keys in the order we want, but they also include a small carabiner that will be used to hang it anywhere quickly and easily.

Customize your wooden keychain to your liking

In this section you will find endless designs that you can modify very easily and quickly to make them your own. These custom keychain are ideal both for children to decorate their backpacks and for adults, both for personal use and as gifts.

If you do not find any design that fits what you need, you can also create your wooden keychain from scratch. Play at being the designer of your keychain and create a design that stands out in a special way. You will be able to write names, add texts, upload photos or images or even create a beautiful custom keychain with your company’s logo to give it as a gift at the inauguration or event that you are going to celebrate.

Personalized wooden keychains with various shapes

Advantages of personalized wooden keychains

If you are here, it is because you have decided to create a personalized wooden keychains, either for yourself or to give away at an event, and we want to define the advantages of personalized keychains:

  • Originals: our shaped wooden keychains are the most original on the market. With them you will surprise without any effort.
  • Customized: with us you can customize any of the designs we offer or customize it to your liking from scratch. You will always see the previous design before confirming your order so you can get an idea of ​​how the perfect keychain design will look for you.
  • Inexpensive: with us it is possible to personalize the wooden keychains as you wish, but they are also inexpensive, whether you want it to make yourself an original keychains or if you want to make it in large quantities to give away at an event, be it a wedding, a baptism or even at a business opening.
  • Comfortable and light: the keychains, in addition to being beautiful, weigh very little, and they also have a small carabiner that will make it easy to hang them anywhere.
  • Exclusive: each idea is unique, therefore, we offer a lot of designs to customize them and make them your own or create your own design to make it unique in the world. Exclusive and economically accessible wooden key rings for anyone.

Any idea that comes to mind will be reflected in our wooden keychains. We will make sure it is perfect.

Do you want to underline your environmental awareness? Then you should include the wooden key ring in your promotional item portfolio – a classic promotional item reinterpreted. Where other key rings with polyester straps or small metal plates try to impress, the wooden key ring radiates pure naturalness. And naturalness is well received by almost every target group these days. But it’s not just the natural look that captivates the wooden key fob, it’s also its high-quality workmanship. Solid beech wood, a key ring made of steel: These are material properties that not only have a high level of resilience – they also make a particularly high-quality impression. The icing on the cake: an individual engraving on the wood.

Engrave a key fob in wood – and your success is engraved

In order for the wooden key fob to function properly as a promotional item, you should definitely have it engraved in a conspicuous manner. You read that right: have it engraved, not printed. Because the solid beech wood is ideal for an individual engraving. Not only is it an eye-catcher, the tactile effects also make the wood key ring with engraving a sensual experience. So don’t be surprised if one or the other customer begins to caress the wooden key fob with enthusiastic eyes. There’s no question about what you should engrave on your wooden key rings: your logo or company name, of course. Because you want the promotional item to ensure that the recipient remembers you, your products and perhaps a nice sales pitch even weeks later. As a company, you want be remembered as a brand. The best way to achieve this is to generate recognition values ​​with your company. The easiest and most effective way to do this is to display your logo or your company name. So they definitely have to be on the wooden key fob so that it can fully exploit its advantages.

Successful in use: key ring made of wood with engraving

Promotional items made from natural materials are by no means just for the handicraft or eco-industry. The topic of environment and sustainability has long since reached broad sections of the population. So hand out engraved wooden key rings to your new employees, to the trade fair visitors or surprise your customers in the shop with a small thank you. You can be sure that these useful promotional items will actually be used and thus carry your advertising messages in all directions.