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Winter Vacations

If you like to enjoy your vacation away from young college-going crowds and feel relaxed on a quiet beachfront, you’ll find Tulum, Mexico an ideal place for spending your winter holidays. Mexico auto insurance for tourists will help you ensure a stress-free trip with travel insurance plans that fit your travel patterns. Cancun International Airport is the nearest airport, about an hour and a half drive from there takes you to Tulum, located close to a resort village named Playa del Carmen. Well, you may have known Tulum as the favorite destination of hippies, but that’s an old story. At present, it is a preferred place for people in their late thirties to mid-forties.

Tulum’s inhabitants are natives as this town, located within the forests of Myab, is about two kilometers away from the archeological site. Yet, it offers a variety of accommodations including country huts, cabanas, and hotels or condos on its gorgeous beaches to suit any taste and budget. Its main street has a very casual atmosphere with many small but good restaurants and bars and all-purpose stores. Broadly, the place can be split into four areas of tourists’ interest, including the archeological site, village, biosphere reserve, and the area containing the hotels. Over the last couple of years, the area of this small and quiet town has increased mainly due increased number of visitors it continues to attract.

Great Beaches

You’ll find white sandy beaches with crystal clear Caribbean waters. You won’t find any high rise to obstruct your view of the natural beauty that surrounds this place. A typical hotel or guest house comprises of simple shelter with a thatched roof, not more than thirty feet away from the beachfront. The usual size of a dwelling unit is about seven hundred square feet that have the basic facilities which include beds, tables and chairs, and a couch or such piece of furniture that makes your sitting area a bit cozy.

There are many homes and private villas in the beach resort of Tulum. These are generally offered on rent on weekly basis. Devoid of loud music or people in the nightclubs and the absence of neon lights makes its nightlife exciting uniquely. Get enchanted by the view of a full moon as you lie down on one of the sandy beaches. Don’t be surprised on seeing a turtle searching for an appropriate place on the soft and white sandy beach for laying its eggs. The other frequent but unusual visitors to Tulum are egrets in snow white color that you often come across in Texas during summer, spring, and fall but they migrate here to give you company during the winter season!

Places you should visit while on vacation in Tulum

Mayan Ruins

While in Tulum, you can’t give miss to Mayan ruins that offer an amazing view. Many of the Mayan ruins have been classified as world heritage sites as some of them are as old as 1400 years! Surprisingly, these have been remarkably well preserved. Long ago, the Mayan civilization was spread over forty cities. Spectacularly located on a cliff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea, Tulum is one of the late-Maya sites that were lively around 1200 AD. One of the ruins is a lighthouse in the main square that was used for keeping a watch on the approaching enemies. The ruins of magnificent stone temples, altars, and pyramids give the impression that Tulum was an important place of worship.

Cenotes Park

Mayan ruins are not the only interesting things about Tulum. Those with a sense of adventure can go to explore the hidden treasures of Cenotes Park, where they can experience snorkeling and cavern diving. It is interesting to learn that the IMAX movie, “Journey into Amazing Caves” was filmed here. The Cenotes presents an incredible opportunity for diving or snorkeling in fresh sparklingly clear waters. Swimming in the underground waters of the park with its stalagmites and stalactites provides a unique experience. Guided tours are conducted for beginners.

Punta Laguna

You must carry a pair of walking shoes when visiting Tulum and go to Punta Laguna which is hardly a thirty minutes drive from Tulum. People love its forests, spread over five thousand hectares. Punta Laguna allows its visitors to view wildlife and nature from close quarters. It offers a fantastic variety of flora and fauna, while you watch spider monkeys and other wild animals in their natural habitats all through your excursion trip. Undertaking an expedition through the jungles of Punta Laguna is indeed a stirring experience.

Tulum has wonderful coastal landscapes, while the ocean here provides exceptional snorkeling or diving excursions with its second largest barrier reef of this world and unscathed large coral formations. It has astounding sea life that offers enjoyable surprises. Tulum and its surroundings have beautiful landscapes. Every tourist manages to find something or the other that interests him or her. Isn’t it tempting to plan your next holiday in Tulum?