Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

The iPhone XS Max is an absolute flagship device and it is one of the best smartphones Apple has ever launched up to 2018. And you know this for a fact which is why you’re looking for cheap iPhone XS Max deals even after a few years of its release. If you’re an owner of an iPhone that was released 2-3 years back, you’re going to be extremely impressed with this mammoth of a device.

You have made a smart choice if you get your hands on this device, you don’t have to ogle over iPhone sales for some while. Thanks to Apple’s new A12 Bionic CPU which is incredibly faster than previous versions. As the device lies on the high-end, you get a stainless-steel frame instead of the regular aluminium. The device supports next-gen augmented reality shopping and gaming and there are several other goodies you should find after you buy it.

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5 reasons to look for cheap iPhone XS Max deals even now

  1. Size

Till 2017, did you ever see a big iPhone that quickly caught your attention? Android devices usually came in 6-6.5 inches. If you ever dreamed of Apple releasing a large device which feels like you have a giant and expensive smartphone in your hand, congratulations! It is true that Apple has gone a step further in releasing a smartphone in a size they haven’t never ever released.

With a larger phone comes greater weight. But if you were an 8 Plus user, you won’t feel any difference in terms of weight. The XS Max is only 6 grams heavier than your 8 Plus.

  1. Screen resolution and size

The total size of the iPhone XS Max and 8 Plus does not differ much due to the presence of bezels on the 8 Plus. The phone comes with an upgraded display size of 6.5 inches. Not only that, the handset also has a better resolution for a sharper display. The iPhone XS Max is loaded with a Super Retina 1242 x 2688 display with a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch. The OLED screen also performs a great deal better under sunlight than the IPS LCD screens of previous generation iPhones. Apple is known for the quality of display they provide, so playing games and watching video is a delightful experience on the mega 6.5 OLED Super Retina display.

  1. Larger storage capacity

If you’re after large storage capacities on iPhones, this one is for you. The iPhones apple released in 2018 all had 512GB variants. Look for cheap IPhone XS Max deals on the internet if you have do mobile photography or store your music on the phone rather than stream. If you plan to use the phone for a few years, larger storage capacity won’t go to waste. Consider all the pictures you’ll be taking, 4K videos you’ll be recording, and the plethora of unnecessary apps you’ll be downloading. Unlike android smartphones, iPhones don’t accept external SD cards. Two years later you’ll not be able to “add” an SD card when you run of storage.

  1. IP68 rating

All iPhones released before 2018 and even the XR released in the same year didn’t have IP68 dust/water resistant rating. The predecessors of the XS Max were rated IP67 which allowed them to be used in rain or snow and they survived accidental toilet and bathtub drops. The XS Max comes with IP68 rating which doubles the water resistant capacity. This means that the device will survive even if you accidentally drop it in a swimming pool or want to take underwater photos.

  1. Depth-of-Field Photo Editing

You can adjust the depth of field after taking a picture. The bokeh effect is pretty interesting and makes the photos appear as if they were captured on a high end camera. In the portrait mode, you can adjust the amount of background blur by sliding left and right. This is useful because sometimes, the background is your main subject and sometimes not. This feature is common on all smartphones today so even being released on 2018, the XS Max contains features really ahead of its time. Look for cheap iPhone XS Max deals to get your hands on a certified refurbished model.