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We are offering the best physical therapy in Chicago, book an appointment to better understand why you are feeling pain and how to relieve it. Before we get into why physical therapy is important for your muscle pain we need to understand what muscle pain is and why it occurs, so let’s begin without wasting a moment.

So first understand what pain is. Pain is an uncomfortable feeling and a natural response of your body that indicates that something is wrong. Pain occurs when your body gets injured or experiences stress, many times it also occurs when your tissues are damaged.

Our body has many pain receptors, some parts have more and some parts have few, for example, our skin has many pain receptors so one can easily and precisely tell the exact location of the pain. While the stomach has far fewer receptors so it is hard to tell the precise location of the pain. But the intensity of pain that you feel can vary, here is a pain intensity scale to better understand this;

Pain Intensity Scale

So now that you know what pain essentially is and why it occurs let’s move on to why you should opt for physical therapy. There are two basic ways to relieve your pain one is by medicines and the second is non-medicine treatment.

There are many different non-medicine treatments which include home remedies, physical therapy, massage, and Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT).

Medicines are useful for relieving pain but you should always opt for non-medicine treatment until your doctor specially prescribes you to take medicine. Let’s have a look at the differences between both and why YOU should opt for physical therapy;

Difference Between Medicine And Physical Therapy

The Basic Difference

First of all, medicines don’t suit everyone, and they can have adverse health effects. As medicine is prepared using chemicals it is by default harmful for you and your body, it can vary on the usage and dosage.

On the other hand physical therapy is a totally different thing and it uses exercises and massage techniques to relieve the pain. It is not harmful and really easy.

Solving the Problem

Medicines definitely relieve pain but for a brief period of time. They do not solve the main problem of why you are experiencing it. Many medicines block the pain sensors so you don’t feel pain for some time.

Whereas, physical therapy is a much more precise treatment. The therapist examines your whole body and checks why you are feeling pain in that particular area. The therapists use special exercises and massage techniques that help relieve your pain and actually solve the root cause of pain.

Treatment of Illness

Medicines treat only a few issues that are related to pain. Medicines cannot treat many of your medical issues, so you can’t rely on medicines alone. But you should always ask an experienced physical therapist before taking any step you can easily find physical therapy in Chicago if you need any help or have any questions.

However, physical therapy does treat a wide range of problems that you may have, some of them are listed below:

Treatment of Sports-Related Injury

Almost everyone at some point got injured playing sports and it is common to get injuries playing any sports. Physical therapy treats almost all kinds of sports-related injuries and it is a great recovery option.

Improves balance and reduces falls

According to a report by World Health Organization (WHO) falls have been the leading cause of injury-related death in people older than 65 years of age. Physical therapy is the best treatment for falls, it helps in improving your balance and reducing the risk of falls.

Assists in managing age-related illness

As you get older the chances of getting medical issues also increase. There are many age-related issues that you can experience when getting old. Physical therapy treats many of those issues like osteoporosis and the difficult side effects of cancer.

Helps recover from stroke and paralysis

Illnesses like stroke and paralysis are best treated by physical therapy. These illnesses need extra attention and care, and for that reason, physical therapy is the best option you can have.

These are just a few of the benefits of physical therapy it treats many other problems too but it needs a good therapist who can detect what is the actual issue of pain and treats it according to that.

There are not so many physical therapists who are experienced in this field and can give proper treatments. Maximum Rehabilitation Services is one of the institutes that has physical therapists who are experienced and they not only treat the illness but give you full satisfaction and provide one-time treatment so you don’t have to go anywhere again and again.


Pain itself is not a threat but it can lead to many different problems. You should never avoid that and immediately consult a physical therapist.