Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Why Kingdom Valley Islamabad is considered a secure Investment Opportunity


Kingdom valley Islamabad is the twin city’s latest and most magnificent initiative. An Ex-PM of our country has initiated this housing venture under the NPHS. Moreover, Society’s primary focus is to overcome the accommodation situation in the country, which is rising daily due to urbanization. 

Therefore, the management has decided to provide affordable dwellings to the residents. In addition, the developers have made sure to give feasible instalments along the Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan. This article has discussed how secure it is to invest in this Society. For more info about kingdom valley Islamabads location contact us on this link.

Ideal Vicinity

The setting of the residential venture is the significant factor that influences the property’s worth. The valuation of the property will be far more if it is near the central city and all the necessities are in approach without travelling too much. 

These Societies are sustainable and profitable. This Society contains all the essential amenities and the best setting, making it more profitable. Moreover, the neighbourhood of Society has already well-established. 

All the significant latest residential ventures are nearby this Society. The citizen of the twin cities already accepted the locality and invested in it with their hard-earned money. It is evident due to the popularity of the neighbouring Societies, including the Blue World City and Capital Smart City.

  • 5 min journey to the New Airport of Islamabad
  • Few minutes from Isb-Lhr Motorway
  •  25 min  away from Adiala Lane
  • 26 min from Rawat-Chakbeli Highway

Legal Society

A residential venture must obtain a NOC from governments to be legally recognized. For example, the PHATA authorized Society 103-acre property. In addition, getting a clearance from the relevant authority is among the advantages of investing in Society, as it ensures that shareholders will not face any potential legal issues or obstacles. 

Moreover, housing prices have increased since Society’s acceptance, and real estate specialists believe this trend will continue.

Affordable Pricing

The residential development is currently in its development. Society is among the few affordable residential communities in Pakistan. Investors have offered low pre-launch rates, so the pricing scheme is straightforward. Moreover, when characteristics, amenities, and the comparative price has considered, the project is a premier and budget-friendly development. 

The housing programme is a well-organized developer-led initiative that seeks to subsidize property so construction companies can construct more residences while simultaneously incorporating a certain number of affordable dwellings. The dwelling concept offers a selection of properties with a simple and cost-effective payment schedule. 

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad payment plan consists of eight biannual and forty monthly instalments throughout four years. Moreover, as a deposit and during the balloting process, residents must pay a specific fee dependent on the land size. As nothing more than a result, the owners must have paid the remaining payment in instalments.

Renowned Owners

Mr Ghulam Hussain, President of the company Kingdom Group, is a prominent figure in Pakistan’s property development sector. And because of their significant record, companies will have taken it seriously. 

Since the Society has affordable living, affluent folks will be more interested in moving there. As a result of having access to these world-class advantages, the residents will enjoy the highest possible living standards. 

Because of the company’s stellar reputation, private buyers are willing to put their hard-earned investment into this Society.

Serene Environment

Society’s natural setting ensures a smog and interference-free atmosphere. Additionally, the beautiful panoramas of the development provide an excellent and one-of-a-kind living alternative for anyone pursuing a serene and quiet setting complimentary of the concerns and pressures of everyday situations.

Secured Investment

The Society is a good investment house development. It is also a residential neighbourhood constructed under ex-PM Imran Khan’s NPHS Initiative.

 As a response, it obtains government benefits, which leads to fewer legal actions and much more substantial guidance from significant and relevant members in every subject.

Houses For Everyone

The developers have divided the project into five major categories. There are accommodation, commercial,  farmhouses, and luxury villa alternatives. Furthermore, the housing properties of Five, Eight, and Ten Marlas and the remarkable  One Kanal provide a suitable living opportunity for low-income residents. 

There are industrial business plots, magnificent farmhouses for enjoying quality time, and luxury villas for a lavish lifestyle. Given the variety of dwelling possibilities and property sizes, both large and small owners and residents have more opportunities.

Gated Community

Another justification for Society to be a secured investment is that it provides more excellent safety and conveniences to residents in the Capital Territory. It is also secure due to double site limits, Surveillance cameras, uniformed officers, and regular maintenance assessments. Furthermore, the housing society provides some of the best services and facilities in the neighbourhood.

For many, these include a Jamia Masjid, proximity to the best academic institutions, a playground, constant availability of necessary commodities, suitable medical care centres, and exceptional infrastructural development.

Growth Opportunity

Its immensity, over fifteen thousand hectares, allows it to encompass and represent the entire expansion of human Society.  Moreover, assets in Society has reasonably priced, and they have been used to build simple cottages, agricultural farms or luxury villas. 

In addition, there will be theme parks, cutting-edge healthcare centres, and other tourist destinations in addition to the planned housing community. We also recommend that investors participate in this property investment home development to benefit from all its outstanding amenities and services. 

The venture also creates fresh opportunities for business and mergers and acquisitions. 


The factors mentioned earlier make Kingdom Valley an appealing and reliable investment opportunity. This project is a fantastic opportunity for financiers and buyers to investigate thoroughly. For more info about kingdom valley Islamabads location map contact us on this link.

After investing, it is wise to double-check all paperwork and see the property yourself. Enjoy a high standard of living with all of the modern conveniences.