Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Today tennis is played by millions of amateurs and professionals around the world. It cannot be said that this is a sport of the elite, but you cannot call it cheap and accessible either. Equipment, rent of courts, coach services cost a lot. However, many go to such expenses because they understand its benefits for both physical and mental health. But you can earn money not only as a professional athlete, but also with a tennis betting strategy. Tennis is also extremely useful not only for adults, but also for children.

What is useful in general?

Tennis belongs to the group of sports, during which almost all muscles work at the same time. Of course, the main load falls on the legs and arms (you need to run all the time, often with great acceleration, serve and hit the ball). These parts of the body are constantly in dynamics: part of the muscles works all the time to accelerate, the other to slow down. Physiologically, this manifests itself in the constant stretching and contraction of muscle fibers, which as a result forms a beautiful relief of the upper and lower extremities. However, other muscle groups are not inactive: the muscles of the back, abs, neck – all are involved evenly. This contributes to the proportional development of the muscular frame, improves blood circulation, helps relieve stress, and maintains a good mood.

What are the benefits of tennis for adults?

Tennis is an unusually dynamic and energy-intensive sport. Therefore, regular training is a 100% guarantee of reducing and maintaining normal body weight. Fat deposits will burn out very quickly, and pumped muscles of the press, back, arms and legs will take their place. At the same time, pumping a muscle corset in this sport is almost impossible. As noted above, during the game all groups function proportionally, and this work does not consist in repeated tension of one group (as, for example, when working with dumbbells or a barbell), but in compression and stretching, which as a result forms elongated, rounded, elongated (rather than bumpy) reliefs. In addition, “hunting for the ball”, which manifests itself in the form of constant jumps and runs, is much more fun and interesting than just running at a distance, not to mention the emotions!

According to experts, in maintaining a normal weight and overall health, tennis turned out to be much more effective than traditional sports such as:

  • run;
  • intensive walking;
  • cycling;
  • dancing;
  • jumping.

Tennis is the best kind of cardio workout. A uniform load contributes to the work of the heart in a certain mode, which is the optimal training for it. The muscle actively pumps blood, saturates all organs and tissues with it, significantly improving the quality of their functioning.

Training on the court is also the development of endurance, flexibility, coordination of movements, concentration, intelligence. The fact is that by following the ball for even 30-40minutes, trying to catch it and hit it, you subordinate all the reserves of the body to this process:

  • eyes do not let the ball out of sight (concentration, observation);
  • muscles are ready to stretch more than is possible in a normal setting (flexibility training) to catch and repel;
  • the whole body is ready to dash at any moment if the ball clearly does not reach you (coordination).


Like any other sport, tennis has contraindications. They should not be used by people suffering from:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints;
  • systemic cardiovascular pathologies;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • neuralgia;
  • myopia;
  • hypertension;
  • flat feet;
  • inflammation of the tendons;
  • intervertebral hernia.

Tennis is good for both body and soul. They increase stamina, give physical strength, energize and good mood, and also get rid of extra pounds and provide the necessary physical activity for the human body.