The Social Security card is perhaps one of the most important cards for US citizens. It is inconceivable that an adult US citizen would not have such a card. Each Social Security card has a Social Security Number (SSN) recorded. That’s nine digits for every US citizen, whether permanent or temporary resident. The number exists under section 205(c)(2) of the Social Security Act, which is codified as 42 USC § 405(c)(2).

Why is SSN important?

Because this is a number to identify US individuals. Initially, this number was introduced only to track individual accounts related to the US Social Security program but over time it was used for a wider identification process. Today, it is not uncommon for a teenage student to be identified by his Social Security Number. This is not limited to civilians as this identification also applies to active members of the US military. The use of SSNs replaces the use of a complex and in many cases problematic service number system.

But is the SSN card valid forever? Is it “eternal”?

The answer is no! of course with certain requirements, in this case, the Social Security replacement form released by the Social Security Administration. Basically, this is the same form used to apply for a real card with two differences which are:

– Application for card replacement

– Reduction of required documents (from two ID forms when registering for SSN for the first time to only one).

Why do so many people want to change their Social Security?

Of course, they do it not without reason. Mostly, they filed a Social Security replacement form because they lost their Social Security Card when the government asked them to show it. That can be a problem because they mean being unable to access many US government services, especially financial services. A Social Security Card Number is a number that uniquely identifies a person in the US, whether he (or she) is a citizen or a temporary resident. Not having it means no identification and in many cases, it is a problem. Filing taxes today is not possible without a Social Security Number and in everyday practice, a Social Security card is required by officials.

Now we’re going to how to write a Social Security replacement form!

How to write a Social Security replacement form? Contrary to what many people think, filling out a Social Security reimbursement form is fairly simple. Even though it’s quite simple, everything starts with proving your real identity. That’s why some additional documentation that uniquely identifies you is needed, e.g. your birth certificate, your race, your driver’s license, your parents’ identities, and such things.

We then move on to your previous Social Security record (if you have one), followed by your mailing address, which will be used as the destination for your physical Social Security card to be sent to. Then it ends with a sworn statement stating that you have provided all the correct information (of course with all the legal consequences).

It can be concluded that the Social Security Card is a very important card for everyone living in the United States and that replacing it is not something complicated.