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Schools are highly populated with ages that range from 4 to 16 years old and adults as their staff. Public or private schools are mandated to have a healthcare station since they are considered an institution that handles several people who will be needing healthcare assistance at any time. Students in a school come in different ages, races, and health statuses, and having a nurse or a healthcare staff to take care of their medical needs is essential in keeping a healthy environment. School-based healthcare staffing jobs can cover this kind of need for nurses.

What are the Benefits of Having a School-Based Healthcare staff in Schools?

Decrease in Student Absences

The main reason why students can’t attend their classes is that they are suffering from illnesses such as colds, flu, or fever. The presence of healthcare services in the schools can monitor the health of students, therefore, decreasing absences among students and increasing graduation rates, which can help the school achieve its goals in reaching the target candidates for graduation. Parents don’t also need to worry if their children have cases of flu since they can be taken care of in the school by the school nurse. 

Immunization and Checkups are done in the School 

Immunization is important for students since they get exposed to different people every day. Immunization can protect them from acquiring common illnesses that can impede their studies. School healthcare staff can provide updated immunization to the students in the school as well as have their checkups to ensure that they are in good condition. Keeping students healthy can avoid too many absences and the reason that students fail to attend their classes and be physically healthy to pursue their studies.

Mental Health Services are given 

Apart from being physically fit, being mentally fit matters a lot too. School nurses and their team can provide the mental health services students needs as well as the teachers and all school staff. Mental health is essential for students to have a sound mind and push thru with their studies. Studying can both tire the body and the mind, therefore giving balance care to both can help the student be more attentive and cooperative during their class. 

Asthma and Obesity can be Addressed

The diet and environment of younger people now are increasing the number of students who have obesity and asthma. These common conditions can be treated by school nurses and they can assist students who have asthma attacks while in school. 

Emergency care usage can be reduced 

Not all people can afford medications from healthcare providers, having healthcare staff can assist families with low income to still be able to monitor the condition of their children without spending much. Having school-based healthcare staff can give regular checkups to the student to assure that each of them is in good condition and assist those who need medication. 

Give Health Education to students 

School nurses can teach students how to take care of their sleeves to stay healthy. Health awareness helps let the students know what to avoid and what to do to be physically fit and mentally sound as well. 

Who are the people in charge of checking the health status of the students in the school?

The staff for a school-based healthcare facility depends on the complexity of the school. The staff usually includes school nurses, school nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, and allied health personnel. 

Why is health in schools important?

Enhance the Engagement of Students

Taking care of the student’s health can help them achieve their highest academic talents since they can engage well in school academic and even extracurricular activities. Good health can prepare them for whatever challenges they face in their studies. 

Give support to the whole community 

Building the physical and mental health of the younger generation by having a school-based healthcare facility can help the whole community have a healthier society. 

Better School Attendance 

A school that takes care of its student’s health can have better attendance since it can, monitor the condition of its students and address unhealthy conditions which is the main reason why students can’t make it to class. 

Decrease behavioral issues

Behavioral issues can be a result of unsound mental health, by assisting students with their health issues they can become a better individuals. The school can benefit from it by not having to deal with too many behavioral issues in their school.

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