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High self-esteem and strong faith in yourself are amazing, but not in all circumstances. If you aren’t good at essay writing, don’t hope to get off with little blood and finish writing fast. Improvisation and the absence of structured workflow are two main enemies of inexperienced writers. You can hardly sit at a table, gather your thoughts in a minute, and clearly communicate them through writing, right?

That’s why you’re here reading this page. No one task can be accomplished without a clear plan. That’s why we dare to say it’s the basis of our life. The earlier you realize its importance, the better off you are.

What Makes Writing Attention-Demanding Activity?

We have already mentioned that writing isn’t the only activity that presupposes creating a plan for successful completion. However, many students and often people who face writing often don’t understand what aspect of writing makes it so difficult and energy-intensive. Here are the key assumptions regarding this question. Maybe some of them match your ideas:

  • The absence of regular practice. Crafting strong texts with little effort requires one to be born with excellent writing skills or work hard for many years. We rarely have enough motivation and dedication to put ourselves out here, and the difficulties we face when writing are the confirmation.
  • Writing requires deep focus. Problems with concentration are even more common than we think. If you can’t get your hands off the phone and start writing your essay, you lack focus for this activity. The issue is with you, not the writing itself.
  • This process is creative. Not all of us can brag about excellent imagination. You won’t be able to write if you aren’t a creative person. That’s why many students decide to pay for a paper to be written by someone more experienced and creative than they are.
  • Writing requires courage. It sounds unusual, but it’s true. You don’t need the courage to describe an object, but you’ll face much more complicated assignments than descriptive essays. Sometimes you’ll need to write about yourself, your weaknesses, and the challenges you’ve overcome to answer the prompts and achieve your goal.
  • We lack organization skills. Writing is a complex process, requiring a person to reflect on a certain issue, gather and process a tremendous amount of information, study a lot of new data and organize it into concise writing. Your brain starts working as never before, and the absence of a proper organization dooms you to failure.

We could continue enumerating the difficulties of writing forever, but it makes no sense. The main idea is clear: writing isn’t difficult, it’s demanding, and we can’t fit these demands until we start working on ourselves.

The writing itself is only the tip of the huge iceberg of the whole process of essay creation. The data gathering procedure is the middle, whereas editing is the basis, although being the final step of the essay writing process.

Why Creating a Plan Is a Must?

The answer to this question should be obvious to most of our readers. At least the previous section of this article pushes to reflections, and if you read it carefully, you must understand the importance of planning for essay writing. Let’s define what planning is in this context.

You get acquainted with the requirements, understand what you should do to satisfy the instructor’s needs, and start thinking about the way you’ll work on your paper. It’s what planning is. It’s a process of defining the information you’ll include in your essay. Don’t limit planning to defining the structure only: this process is much more complex than expected.

However, creating a plan just because you’ve read about it somewhere on the Internet is pointless. You should clearly realize the benefits of this process, define how it will help you, and set goals. Incorporating planning into your writing process has some advantages:

  • Your essay will comply with the topic, and the risk that you’ll steer away from the specified prompt will be reduced to a minimum.
  • You’ll achieve three ‘C’ of writing: it’ll be clear, concise, and concrete.
  • A logical structure and a clear order of presenting arguments and details will be created.
  • You’ll finish your paper faster. If you have a goal to submit the paper before the deadline, planning will help you achieve it.

We agree that essay writing and essay planning take time. When you see you’re running out of it, send a “Can I pay someone to write my paper” request to professional writers and get expert assistance.

How To Plan Your Essay: A Few Simple Guidelines

We are sure some people can consider planning difficult to understand. That’s why we want to devote the last section of this article to describing the key steps of planning. Here’s the sequence of actions you can perform. Feel free to incorporate additional ones into this list if you consider them necessary.

  1. Check instructions and understand the essay prompt. If something is still unclear, don’t hesitate to contact your teacher and ask for additional explanations. Understand the question, define whether it’s open or closed, and ensure you understand its purpose.
  2. Carry out research. This stage implies gathering the sources of information online and searching for ideas through brainstorming. Make sure to write down and save only relevant sources and ideas.
  3. Outline your paper. It’s a part of your plan and the plan itself. Even experienced writers don’t let themselves write essays not having a draft, so follow their lead. Define what arguments you’ll incorporate and where you’ll do it.
  4. Craft your essay. At this stage, you should have everything you need to start writing your paper, so use the time wisely. Rely on the outline you created; this process won’t take you much time.

Now you know what’s the main purpose of planning your essay writing process and even know what it should look like. We hope things will become much easier for you. However, the possibility of facing problems isn’t excluded. If you feel you’re running out of power or lack the knowledge to do something, don’t hesitate to ask for help. It’s better to tackle challenges together with someone.

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