Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Real estate developers in Pakistan have focused their attention on semi-urban areas along with urban areas. The need for luxurious life and speedy development has opened up opportunities for real estate businesses. Gujar Khan Tehsil in Punjab hasn’t stayed behind, and a project has been announced for it. One of these is New Metro City Gujar Khan, which is soon to be launched.

It is one of those projects that have gained traction even before the official announcement. Real estate pundits predict that it is going to be one of the most popular projects in 2022. It is being developed by BSM Developers, which has proved to be a successful development company, as evident from its track record. The details regarding its location tell of how accessible it can be to the investors.

Here is a brief overview of New Metro City Gujar Khan and how it can prove beneficial for investors.

New Metro City Gujar Khan – An Introduction

New Metro City Gujar Khan will be an adorable addition to the developing vista of Gujar Khan. It is located next to G. T. Road, Gujar Khan, while at a few minutes’ drive from Tehsil Headquarters Gujar Khan. So, it is going to attract a large number of investors because of the prime location. The CEO of  BSM Developers is Bilal Malik, who is the grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain. So, one of the reasons for the success of this project is the reliability of its developers.

New Metro City will offer luxurious housing to the inmates of Gujar Khan. It will cater to the needs of those who want to avail high-end facilities in under-developed and semi-urban areas. As this project is yet to be announced, investors have expressed their desire to invest in it. The popularity even before the launch shows that it will have high demand amongst the investors.

5 Reasons to Invest in New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan is going to be one of the few projects that not only attract investors but benefit them as well. Some of the reasons why this project is worth investment are given as follows.


New Metro City Gujar Khan location shows that it is premium considered from multiple perspectives. It is next to the main G. T. Road, which connects this area to other areas of Punjab and the country. Thus, commuting to and from this project won’t be a problem for the residents.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is being developed by BSM Developers. It is a company owned by Mr. Bilal Bashir Malik, grandson of Mr. Malik Riaz Hussian. This company has developed its reputation for quality real estate development and management.

The mentioned developers have already worked on various real estate projects, which include Gwadar Golf City, New Metro City Kharian, etc. The success of the previous projects is the reason that investors are ready for investments even before the launch of the project.  

Speedy Development

The developers of New Metro City Gujar Khan are working on the basic development of the project. They have acquired land for the project while leveling, and other developmental jobs are ongoing. They have applied for New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC, and hopefully, it will be granted soon.

Their previous projects didn’t take much time for approval, and the same is expected to happen in this case. Once the NOC is granted, they will work on the speedy development of the project according to the master plan.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is going to be an affordable project as the developers aim to keep it economical for the investors. The rising real estate prices and developmental expenses won’t be the reason for the speedy hike in prices. The New metro city payment plan for this project hasn’t been announced yet. It is expected to be announced in July 2022. check out avalon city

The official launch of this project will take place soon. The developers have ensured that the plot prices won’t be a problem for investors.


New Metro City Gujar Khan will offer world-class facilities to investors. These are going to add a metropolitan touch to life in Gujar Khan. The main reason for investments in such projects is the high-end facilities that they offer. The developers are working on electricity, water, and gas supply. It will have health, educational, recreational, commercial, and sports facilities. Along with that, it will cater to all the basic needs of the investors.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is going to be a megaproject in Gujar Khan. It will not only offer high-end residential facilities to the investors but also add to the urban vista of Gujar Khan. The developers will soon officially launch it, while the payment plan is expected to be announced in July 2022. Those interested in it should stay updated to book their plot. 

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