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MIM or masters in management is a program of postgraduate level that offers advanced knowledge of general management for graduates of Business Bachelor’s, regardless of whether the students have previously studied Business. With either an (M.A.) Master of Arts or (M.Sc.) Master of Science degree, one can graduate from a program of MIM.

Primarily, the management degrees were made as a cheaper substitute, and more often than not, they are considered the predecessor of the degree of Master of Business Administration or MBA, for they provide elementary knowledge on leadership and entrepreneurship. The question is why one should go for a MIM degree over an MBA degree. This article will cover some of the major benefits of management certification.

1.      They are Internationally Oriented

In the last few years, there has been a significant rise in the popularity of MIM degrees in Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Europe offers eighty-five percent of the international masters in management, especially due to the alterations brought by the execution of the Bologna process.

The ever-expanding fame is also supported by the fact that the majority of MIM degrees are specifically designed for an audience of global students, along with courses provided in English. Organizational behavior, management theory, and other aspects of the world of business are among the key subjects that are discussed in the classes.

2.      You Can Gather Insights from Worldwide Business Leaders

Since there is an international partnership between the top corporations and schools of business, some of the MIM programs often offer the chance to attain global experience and travel to multiple countries in order to collect insights from the leading global experts. The following are some of the recommended universities from where you can pursue MIM:

  1. Masaryk University, the Czech Republic
  2. ESCP Business School, in many locations
  3. HEC Paris, France
  4. TBS Business School, France
  5. Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands

3.      At Admission, They Require Little To No Work Experience

This has to be among the most prominent benefits of a master’s degree in management, for it provides a scope to move along the knowledge in business instantly after a Bachelor’s program graduation.

An MBA degree is a classic business degree, and it typically needs a substantial degree of prior work experience for you to get admitted, from around three to five years of work. When it comes to MIMs, the students do not require previous work experience. The requirements include a maximum of a year of prior employment.

Once you acquire the management certification, it provides you with the foundation of a great start at your career and aids recent graduates to find a proper job in an ever-growing young market of employment that is full of high expectations. The MIM certification degree has much greater benefits than an MBA degree. Students receive a versatile experience of study. They can develop an entire set of managerial skills, obtain knowledge of leadership at an affordable cost, and are open to newcomers and experienced students alike.

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