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Why is cricket so special in India? Read This To Know MoreWhy is cricket so special in India? Read This To Know More

If you think of sports in India, the first sport that pops into your thoughts is cricket. Cricket is not a popular sport in India. Read cricket news now. There is a greater fanaticism. It is the reason it’s not a surprise that cricket pulls an average of ninety percent of the sports-related viewers within India.

Many Indians even go as they plan their weekends, their trips, and even their jobs based on their Indian cricket schedule. To know cricket news now continue reading. Why is cricket a well-known sport in India and also, why does it have a greater fan base than famous football or the national sports like kabaddi and field hockey?

Here are a few of the primary factors that have led to the rise of cricket in India

Cricket is a sport that is easy to play

It’s true that cricket isn’t as straightforward to start playing as football, which requires the ball and is played by itself. There are additional equipment requirements and should be played with at least one player.

But, despite these issues, it is an easy sport to begin playing and the ingenuity of the youngsters in India ensures that they will always come up with a new method to play.

Due to this why you find kids playing street cricket with anything from rusty pipes to old, ragged tennis balls. The sport’s simplicity is a common sight even on the tiniest streets and roads of India.

In reality, many of the famous cricketers of the present era got into cricket by playing in the streets.

India has a big infrastructure for cricket

India is home of many cricket centers for coaching and training that allow both children and adults can play and learn cricket.

You can find at very the very least one cricket field in each town in India. Many stadiums offer excellent facilities and international standards of coaching.

The abundance of cricket coaching and training centers is the primary reason for the growing popularity that cricket enjoys in India.

Cricket is a hugely profitable business

Cricket has a huge media presence in India. Every cricket event is reported on television, digital, and printed media.

When there is a cricket match, it is the main subject of the majority of commercials.

Because of the huge media coverage, cricketers, as well as cricket clubs, have been able to attract many advertising and sponsors. Many players from cricket have made enormous fortunes by promoting various items and appearing in a variety of commercials.

This is why cricket is a big industry within India, and pro cricketers are able to live a more luxurious life than the other athletes in India This is one of the reasons the reason cricket is extremely well-known in India.

A lot of young Indian youngsters are fascinated by the riches and luxurious lifestyle of cricketers on television, and this encourages them to become players of their own.

If it’s not being seen on television, then it is played across the nation of India. Other sports have gained popularity throughout India including football, basketball, and wrestling to mention three however, deep in the heart of cricket remains the faith that is the heart of India.

It’s easy to play

It’s not a particular one that requires a lot of maintenance, so you just need to be aware of the rules and can be in the game from the start. If you’d like to become a batter it is necessary to do a few practices runs to test how efficient you are in this area However, everyone can swing a bat and get a good attempt.

A lot of the most well-known cricketers from India started their careers by playing cricket on the street before they were recognized for their extraordinary ability. One of the major differences between street cricket and professional cricket is in the type of ball being used for playing. Street cricket is played with the tennis ball or taped ball, while professional cricket is played with an exclusive leather ball designed specifically for this use.

Some of the best cricketers are from India

India’s cricket team professional includes some of the most talented players around the world. While names like Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, and Sachin Tendulkar are among the best they have played. If you’re a lover of cricket and cricket, these names are familiar to you at any time. In India, their names are always mentioned in conversations.

In India the most renowned cricketers that kids build their hopes around.

For a long time, kids gather around the television and marvel at the incredible talent they witness from their fellow Indians. After a game, there will be massive discussions that will analyse each unforgettable moment of the game, while reliving every moment, creating the most of a family day, and gathering out of international football matches.

The Indian Premier League

Following the time that India took the first T20 World Cup, the IPL was established through the BCCI. The T20 league has become the most prestigious domestic tournament worldwide and is a cult sport across India. The sport has been taking the country by surprise since its launch to the best of standards.

Many of the most loved Bollywood stars attend and cheer on their favourite team in addition to making the most of their day as well. According to some, Bollywood schedules their release dates around cricket as they are aware that if they combine two dates at the same time and they’ll be swept out by the excitement of the national team. The IPL has succeeded in expanding its playing venues all over India in order to see the league bigger and larger every year.

A win at ICC tournaments

The reason that cricket is so well-known is the popularity that India’s Indian cricket team in ICC world championships. winning the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and the 2011 World Cup are cherished moments of the Indian community. Indians are eager to witness the same kind of success, with more memorable events.

India has also made its own T20 World Cup their own in 2007. Every time they victory, India seems to come back in better form and energy. Sports is all about entertainment and having fun, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you can expect each time you see cricket with the Indian cricket teams.

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