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NCERT exemplar solutions are designed by subject matter experts in PDF format. It is designed as per guidelines of CBSE board. In a way chapter wise exemplar questions are prepared along with solutions  that enables you to revise the entire concepts.

NCERT has gone on to introduce a new book, containing a variety of topics referred to as NCERT exemplar. One of the main aims of introducing this book was to develop the problem solving skills of the students when they appear for competitive exams.

The module contains a variety of high end questions like numerical, short answer or long answer type questions. Since the topics are high level you require a proper understanding of the concepts to solve them.

So as to make it easy for the students to solve the questions properly, the NCERT exemplar questions are designed by experts. Even the questions can be downloaded in PDF format if you want them. For a student who has difficulty in understanding the concepts, it turns out to be the best solution.

Some of the important pointers regarding NCERT exemplar are as follows

  • NCERT Exemplar is a book that is developed by NCERT that contains extra questions on the topic covered in NCERT books
  • Only for science and Maths NCERT Exemplar books are available, such as chemistry or physics
  • The designing of the books occurs in such a way so as to enhance the problem solving ability of the students so that they become familiar with the advanced topics.

The benefits of solving NCERT Class 12 exemplar problems as follows

Solving these questions could benefit the students in their board and competitive exams preparation. The question levels are useful for the competitive exams. Some  of the notable benefits of NCERT exam exemplar are as follows

  • Provides different forms of questions- these books have a variety of questions that enables students to prepare for the exams. By the NCERT exemplar book solutions the student is aware about the correct format of the questions and hence they will be aware about the correct answer in exam and avail maximum marks
  • The depth of concepts is enhanced- the CBSE exemplar problems is designed in such a manner so that the depth of the students is enhanced. Solving the problems may require a proper level of conceptual understanding related to the subject where the concept is enriched.
  • Prepares the students for the competitive and board exams at the same time- the NCERT exemplar questions are designed in such a manner so that the students prepare for the board and competitive exams at the same time. The question level is high, though in some cases, it may match with that of the JEE exam. Such questions check out the depth level of the students and if a student is able to solve such level of questions they would be able to clear other competitive exams easily.
  • NCERT exemplar follows the CBSE curriculum- as stated earlier the NCERT exemplar curriculum follows the CBSE pattern, which enables the students to prepare for the CBSE board exams. The chapters of the books would be the same as an NCERT book that CBSE follows. The students can easily find any questions relating to the chapter on the book.

Why exemplar of Infinity is the best?

The main aim of Infinity is to provide quality education at a cost- effective price. What they tend to do is make sure that the solutions to the problems are provided free of cost. They do not ask a student to join the website or click on any free ads. Since the solutions are provided free of cost, the students are just a mere click away.

Most of the solutions can be downloaded in PDF format which makes the solutions accessible even if you are offline. Class  12 maths exemplar PDF are also available to download offline and they are a mere click away. All of them are available free of cost.

The solutions they provide the best a student can get as the subject experts have gone on to devise solutions to each and every question which is available in an easy way possible. Formulas, steps along with necessary diagrams are part of every solution for easy understanding. The methods along with approaches used by the teachers tend to be appropriate and an easy one for the students.

A point to consider is that the solutions  of Infinity Learn are designed in such a way so that no student will have the fear of Maths. The subject is all about practice and the more you practice the concepts become familiar. Such solutions can be of help the moment you are stuck. Even the format used to answer the questions can provide guaranteed solution in every case.