Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Dubai Marina is itself a small Dubai offering something for everyone. A Dubai tour without visiting Marina is just boring and incomplete. It offers hundreds of dining options, activities for kids, adults, luxury hotels, private pools and beaches and much more. However, the bellowed description is all about some of the significant reasons why Dubai Marina is the most visited place for both locals as well as tourists.

  • Unbeatable lifestyle experience

Dubai Marina is home to more than 120,000 residents, a haven for visitors to the city. Thanks to its futuristic vibe, ultra-modern amenities, stunning views, imposing skyline, as well as beautiful 7km-long waterway that is the favored port for the city’s expensive leisure craft. Moreover, the Jumeirah beach is the best place for catching some rays or take a refreshing dip. Take walk of the 1.6km-long with its dozens of cafes, boutiques, as well as restaurants making it is one of Dubai’s most popular hangouts.

  • Boasts world class hotels

It’s interesting to know that Dubai Marina has earned a great reputation as one of the city’s best international tourism destinations. Thanks to its collection of world-class hotels ranking among the most popular in hotel properties. Wyndham Dubai Marina is one of the popular and largest restaurants as well as home to a host of top-quality amenities, spa, gym swimming pool, meeting, conference events space, as well as luxury suites. Millennium Place Marina is featuring 457 luxury suites and guestrooms, cutting-edge dining options and array of guest amenities.

  • Culture and Entertainment

Dubai is hub of cultures as well as known for its world-class shopping. However, shopping isn’t limited to traditional malls, there’s a lot than that. You can discover Children’s Museum as shop for crafts as well as have picture taken with characters from a favorite book. Ride camels and shop at Bedouin Bazaar, there are hundreds of opportunities for culture and entertainment while traveling through Dubai Marina.

Cruising through Dubai’s Marina is one of the great experiences to create a lasting travel memory. It’s fascinating to know that allow you to admire Dubai from afar, from the Gulf waters with fresh cool breeze skyscraper views- in short there’s nothing short of spectacular views from the yacht.

In addition to the aforementioned MasterChef restaurant, the Marina precinct is also the home to some of the city’s best dining options. Some of the most exciting outlets are opened in recent months located in Millennium Place Marina is offering an array of exciting Japanese cuisine with an extensive menu of beverages. TFG Restaurant Group is partnered with award-winning chef Reif Othman in order to develop Ikigai’s menu celebrating the food of izakayas.

Furthermore, Reif is another Dubai’s most-celebrated chefs with the driving force behind powerhouse Japanese eatery Zuma. Another amazing option for unique dining experience is Dhow cruise Dubai Marina offering the stunning views of Dubai skyline. Enjoy your meal in the middle of the sea with amazing activities including live music, Tanura dance, as well as much more.

  • Beautiful Sunsets

Dubai is known for its colorful sunsets with reddish- orange hues providing a spectacular backdrop for evening. Whether you’re lounging on beach or dining al fresco at a waterfront restaurant, Dubai Marina sunset offers plenty of ways to enjoy without staying out too late. Depending on where you, so plan accordingly and don’t forget your camera.

  • Getting Around Dubai Marina

If you’re not familiar with Dubai, your first challenge will be getting around town. If there’s stay in a hotel at Dubai Marina, there’s no need for transportation than traveling between other areas within Dubai. Most tourists like to spend their time in downtown. If you are going to be leaving your hotel often, it’s worthy to use public transportation If not, other transportation options should include taxis or ride-sharing services. Although, ridesharing apps are easy to use and affordable, but they take longer depending on where you’re trying. However, Dubai metro system is efficient, though it does get crowded during peak hour.  Taxis are cheap but hard to find. However, if you’re looking to travel in a style, limo rental Dubai could be the perfect choice for you. Feel like a boss and move around the city in an affordable way.