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Why do we search for a meaning

Topic: Why do we search for meaning? Humans tend to believe that there is some most important “purpose” in their life, which is beyond everyday consumerism and commerce. Often people start to ask themselves questions such as: what am I supposed to do with my life, why am I here, who am I, what is truly important to me and etc. Instead of enjoying a sunny day or a cup of coffee, relationships with other people, jobs,s or the beauty of nature, people could spend hours and hours for the analysis of their existence. But why do we search for meaning?

First of all, searching for meaning may be a key in finding happiness and fulfillment in humans’ needs. When we are young, we offer to hear questions like: “Who are you going to be when you grow up? What home will you have? These questions motivate children to imagine and dream about their future in a positive manner and have a picture of what may be happy for them. What is more,  if we feel not satisfied with our life, questioning helps to clarify the roots of unhappiness and can help to shift our life to a brighter perspective. The searching for meaning motivates us to try new things and may help us to find what activities, relationships, and live we want to live.

Secondly, searching for meaning may help us to prepare for future challenges and make better decisions. A friend of mine always says that she follows the sign and believes this is a key to the right decision-making. For instant, one year ago she often noticed 555 numbers in the streets or when checked her phone and frequently saw the same number pattern 5:55. After some time she decided to take it seriously and read about its meaning at Meaning 555. She was surprised by the information she found. After some days key changes in their life came: she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. Luckily she emotionally was already prepared for new challenges. After 5 years of relationship, she decided to move to another city, change her job, and now already going on the dates.

Finally, sometimes unexpected and heartbroken life events occur and in this case, faith, belief, and looking for meaning become the key. Young people tend to be the maximalists. Imagine that they are unbreakable and they are going to be the most successful winner in life. Unfortunately, life tends to break us or in other words give us lessons.  Sometimes we get soft falls, sometimes too painful to handle. Whatever comes in our way: the illness, the loss, maybe we fail the studies we have dreamed about or are fired from a dream job, get divorced, lose money, or any other miserable life situation. Whatever comes it brings a lot of questions, like why that happened to me? How should I overcome it? Some people tend to open themselves to god, others start to hope that the universe is there for them. The belief and faith that there is something bigger than us which could help us to stand up and become stronger help to overcome the biggest life challenges.

All in all, the need to understand the nature of person existence becomes significant and purposeful in human being. The ability to answer these existence questions give a sufficient amount of meaning in live and brings motivation in order to succeed and do our best to create the life we want. Furthermore, searching for meaning in signs and life could help to prepare and accept huge life changes, while looking for a hope and faith in miserable situations, may help to overcome hard times and stay strong until happiness is back on track.

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