Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

When people choose a broadband service provider, it comes without question that they are looking for a good internet connection as well as a dedicated customer service in case they face any issues. However, there are a lot of broadband providers that may fail in meeting up to their expectations in one way or another. In such cases people are left unsatisfied and may end up having sour views about their broadband provider. 

There are many reasons like low speed internet, bad wi-fi signal, and extremely high prices may leave the customers dissatisfied and uninterested. Broadband management solutions can help the broadband providers to overcome these faults so that they can be more competent for their consumers.

When people lose interest or start to dislike their existing broadband provider, it paves ways for new broadband providers that are still establishing their brand and are thus hungrily looking for new customers. As these providers are new they are willing to go through some extra efforts to keep their customers happy. 

In this article we are going to discuss how more and more customers have started to hate their existing broadband providers and how this has benefited the new disruptors in the business to gain new customers. 

Why Do People Dislike their Broadband provider?

As discussed above there are quite a few reasons why people can dislike or even hate their broadband provider. It was stated by a report that the attitude of a consumer towards their broadband provider and whether they like or dislike them will highly depend on the Quality of Experience or QoE. This QoE depends on certain factors which were determined by Incognito Software Systems CEO Stephanie Bourque as follows:

  • Real time bandwidth congestion
  • Historical data and trend analysis
  • Subscriber self-service portals
  • Identification and analysis of top users
  • Support call volumes
  • Fraudulent access blocking
  • Proactive identification of potential network issues

All of the above factors determine the experience of the consumer, which in turn decides if the consumer will be satisfied or dissatisfied with the service provided by their broadband provider. 

How Does it Benefit New Providers? 

The dissatisfaction of customers with their incumbent broadband providers has been driving them towards other connectivity options like the Google Fiber. Google Fiber is a gigabit internet service that was first started in the year 2012. Although it is not the same as incumbent broadband providers, it has motivated broadband providers to improve their services and provide faster internet speed at same prices.

There are also many smaller companies that are looking to provide broadband services and can be seen as a good alternative by many as compared to the large broadband companies that charge high amounts for the same service. People who are unhappy with their existing broadband provider can very well switch to these new companies or broadband providers who are willing to offer them a better service at reasonable prices. 

With all said and done, it should be clear to the broadband service providers that if their service fails to satisfy the customers they are always at a risk of being replaced by some newbie in the business. As far as the customers are concerned, it is a little relieving to know that if you are not happy with your current provider, you can always decide to go for a new more competent one that you feel can provide you with a better service. The war between internet providers in this digital world is very prevalent and it surely is about to get more intense.