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In the world of business; commerce is defined as the exchange of goods and services among two or more than the two entities/parties. The concept of commerce and business has been there forever. The first ever long-distance trade took place between Mesopotamia and the Indus valley around 3000BC in Pakistan. We could see a prominent advancement in the world of trade as time passed. With the invention of technology; trading became easier than ever. The introduction of the internet gave rise to the times of E-commerce.

“E-commerce is the powerful means to connect the unconnected to the global world”

It can be defined as the process of buying and selling goods through electronic means. There are various forms of business and one such form is M-commerce. M-commerce can be defined as the electronic transaction that is carried out through smartphones.  Not only goods; but people can also buy services through these means of commerce like Cheap Essay Writing Service UK, online shopping, and so on.  Driven by a widespread understanding of the Internet’s capabilities, the power of electronic commerce, and advances in wireless technologies and devices, mobile commerce (m-commerce) is rapidly approaching the business forefront (Senn, 2000).


We all have an idea about e-commerce as it involves the electronic transmission of funding, data, or any sort of trading. It might vary from the buying of the Dissertation Topics In Business as it is not easy to produce a dissertation that definitely receives acclaim (Pes-admin, 2021), to trading of the clothing items through the internet. There are four types of e-commerce;

  1. Business-to-business (B2B):

As the name implies; this is the type of e-commerce in which trading is carried out among two business entities. No individual party is concerned about this type of trading. One business providing the raw materials to another for the manufacturing of the products is the perfect example of this type of trading.

  • Business-to-consumer(B2C):

This is the type of electronic trading in which the product is sold directly to the consumer without the involvement of any third party. Walmart, Amazon, and other such platforms are examples of this type of trading.

  • Consumer-to-business (C2B):

This is the type of trading in which the consumer provides his or her services to the business like a makeup artist provides the service of promoting a particular brand or business.

  • Consumer-to-consumer(C2C):

Then there is the consumer-to-consumer trade, in which individuals trade their goods, items, or services with one another through the means of the internet. The buying and selling of used items is the perfect example of this type of trading.


Any kind of wireless device like a tablet, smartphone, etc being used for the transaction of commerce through an online medium is known as M-commerce.  We can see the prominent rise of m-commerce since Smartphones became easily accessible.

Benefits of M-commerce;

There are limitless benefits of M-commerce. We will be stating some of them in the following paragraph:

  • The use of this type of transaction is highly convenient for all parties.
  • Many businesses have come up with excellent customer policies through this means of transaction.
  • Buyers can easily pay for the services or goods to the sellers as there is a variety of payment options for that.
  • It is comparatively faster to trade the services and items through this means of commerce.
  • This form of commerce makes the whole shopping experience much better.
  • It is time-saving and cost-saving as well.

Reasons for people choosing M-commerce over E-commerce:

Let us go through the reason for all this popularity of M-commerce in the following section:

·        Access; E-commerce Vs M-commerce:

Even though; the purpose of both forms of commerce is to make access to trading and transaction easy but it is M-commerce that has made this whole process even easier. As trading through smartphones is the easiest option, even easier than operating a business through a laptop or a computer.

·        Speed; E-commerce Vs M-commerce:

Speed is the second factor that makes people choose M-commerce over E-commerce. The transaction of materials, funds, and data can be done much faster with the use of smartphones and tablets.

·        Apps; E-commerce VS M-commerce:

Mobile phones have a lot to serve to their customers. They have come up with so many applications that people can’t think of choosing anything else besides it. visa checkouts, bank transmission, rid booking, grocery shopping, and every other thing has an app for smartphone users.

·        Tracking of the location; E-commerce VS M-commerce:

Another reason why people prefer M-commerce over E-commerce is that the buyers, as well as sellers, can easily be tracked with the help of smartphones. But this feature is not that common in electronic commerce.

·        Security Assurance; E-commerce VS M-commerce:

No matter how advanced have we become still we feel a little hesitant while sending money before receiving the package or service. The people who transact their money through e-commerce are even more hesitant compared to M-commerce. It is because in M-commerce authentication and verification have been introduced which keeps your codes and passwords secure.

·        Marketing opportunities; E-commerce VS M-commerce:

Mobile companies have come up with a lot of ways to promote different brands and companies. You get to have a lot of marketing opportunities through M-commerce including mobile offers, discounts, and other such strategies.

The above mentioned are some of the common reasons people prefer the use of hand help devices for electronic transactions over other means. We can expect nothing less than the best in the future as well. As it is said;

“Anything can change because the Smartphone revolution is still in the early stages”


The human race is rapidly progressing towards the age of advancement. We have jumped from physical trading to e-commerce and from e-commerce to m-commerce within a span of years. People are prioritizing M-commerce over other forms of E-commerce because of the many benefits that come along with M-commerce.