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We all know what Black Friday has to offer in terms of some amazing discounts and the opportunity to score some great bargains, but what of Cyber Monday? This was a term that was once as popular as Black Friday itself, but it seems to have lost a little in terms of traction.

Speaking to Betway Casino, retail doctor, Bob Phibbs has a great explanation as to why. He says: “There used to be Cyber Monday that was a big deal before we had apps and people had internet in their homes. People came back to work and did their shopping on Monday because that was the only time they could actually get online. That’s not the case anymore.”. Does that mean that Cyber Monday has lost relevance and no longer matters? We don’t think so!

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday

To establish if Cyber Monday is still relevant it is important to take a look at what it actually is and how it compares with Black Friday:

Black Friday

This is the Friday that comes immediately after Thanksgiving in the US. This means that the date can vary slightly each and every year. The majority of us know what this day is all about: it is a time when retailers put their best offers in front of us and allow us to grab some real bargains. Traditionally this was all about bricks and mortar stores but this is now also an online affair.

Cyber Monday

This is the Monday that comes straight after Thanksgiving. The difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday is perhaps an obvious one – all of the deals are online. Whereas with Black Friday you can flit between physical and online stores, with Cyber Monday it’s all about internet shopping.

The bargains that are up for grabs

Cyber Monday is just as important as Black Friday as it adds an extra opportunity to buy must-have products at a great price. Whereas Black Friday seems to have grown into an extended period of time as opposed to just a day, Cyber Monday still has something a little different up for grabs.

Figures from Betway Casino show that Black Friday is about tech. With millions of searches taking place for the latest technology in the run-up to 2020’s Black Friday, it is clear where the money is going. When you look at Cyber Monday, you’ll find that the focus is on different products. You are more likely to pick a heavily discounted fridge freezer or microwave than you are a Nintendo Switch or PS4.

A chance to stay safe

The world has seen some dramatic changes over the last year or two. The risks posed by Covid have left some shoppers still a little too nervous to venture out into crowded shops. For that reason, Cyber Monday is perhaps more important than ever. It provides an opportunity for us all to benefit but from the safety of our own homes. 

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