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Summer is the time to get in the garden, host family barbeques and bump into neighbours you didn’t know you had on afternoon walks. 

But it’s also the time that a lot of people choose to kickstart their home makeovers. 

Are you guilty of pushing your spring clean back? If you’re planning on a full renovation or simply a garden facelift this summer, skip hire Bolton is here to help. 

Keep reading for the key benefits of skip hire Bolton. 

Skip hire Bolton is convenient

First and foremost, convenience. 

Skip hire Bolton is a completely customisable service that puts your waste removal needs first. 

You can hire your skip for a few days or a few weeks. So, whether you’re getting rid of some old bits of furniture or planning a large-scale renovation, skip hire Bolton is the perfect solution for you. 

The other option for waste removal is to visit a local waste centre. This means countless journeys, lots of petrol and sometimes hiring a larger vehicle to cater for all the waste – which no one wants to do on the few sunny days we get here in the North-West. 

You can cater skip hire in Bolton to your needs

With skip hire Bolton, you can choose the size you need, so you never end up with something too small or too big. 

Most skip companies offer domestic skips in sizes 2yrds, 4yrds and 8yrds. Struggling to decide on the right size for you? The smaller skips are perfect for the projects that produce too much waste for a wheelie bin, whereas a larger size is more suitable for full room renovations.

Skip companies allow you to hire a domestic skip for around three weeks, but they’re flexible with their pickup dates. If you fill up your skip quicker than you thought, or simply no longer need it, give them a call for an early collection at no extra cost. 

All the hard work will be done for you

The worst part about a renovation is not knowing what to do with the waste. It can end up taking up vital house and garden space and push back the start date for renovations. 

With skip hire Bolton, you can relax knowing that all waste is taken care of and disposed of correctly. Skip companies aim to recycle at least 90% of collected waste, so you don’t have to worry about going through everything you’ve thrown away and separating items.

If you’re planning on having your skip placed on the roadside, rather than private land, a skip hire permit will be required. This isn’t as formal as it sounds, the skip company will get in touch with the relevant council and organise it for you – but be aware that the cost of this is often added on to your total payment. 

Get your skip in Bolton in time for summer! 

There are tonnes of skip hire companies in the North West, but which one should you go for?

It’s important you go to a reliable company you can trust, like A1 skips. They’re experts in skip hire Bolton and guarantee a fuss-free renovation. 

If you want to get your skip in time for summer, give them a call today on 01257 273284 to speak to them directly, or book your skip online now.

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