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Summers are the most beautiful time for people. People wait for months for the arrival of summer. The flowers start blooming in the spring and people start to see the bright sun. This is the time when people start planning for vacation and love going out. People make vacation plans with family and friends. This is the ideal time for people to enjoy the sun on the beaches. 

The first thing that comes to our mind is the beach-perfect look. People who are more concerned about fashion are more concerned about how to style on the beaches. Planning a trip with your friends involves your fashion look. Different people style differently with various outfits on the beaches. 

While we are talking about the beaches and the beach-perfect look, then we should not forget to cover our eyes. Without sunglasses our beach look is incomplete. Sunglasses complete our beach look and make them more stylish and enjoyable. Sunglasses are not only needed for a beach-perfect look but they are also needed for our daily use. Before choosing the right sunglasses, one can try glasses on at home so that there’s no confusion after buying them.

What should sunglasses contain?

It is very important to choose the right sunglasses for the eyes. Wearing the right sunglasses helps to keep our eyes in a good condition. The sunglasses should contain-

  • 100% UV protection from the sun. Thus the glasses should be UV protected.
  • Anti-glare and anti-reflective coating and the glasses should be anti-reflective and anti-glare glasses.
  • Anti-scratch coating is a must. It is very important to wear glasses with this coating.
  • The anti-fog coating is also a must.
  • People who have prescriptions should have the correct prescription on the glasses for a clear view.
  • Should have the right colour tints for better vision.

These are the necessary coatings that the sunglasses should have.

What are the uses of sunglasses?

Sunglasses these days have become a necessity. They are worn in all seasons and are especially needed for summer. In summer, our eyes need protection from the scorching heat of the sun and also other harmful rays of the sun. Some of the uses of sunglasses are- 

  • Sunglasses have set a fashion trend in the industry. Famous style icons and celebrities are famous because of their fashion look with sunglasses. Angelina Jolie is famous for her looks with aviator sunglasses for women. She has just nailed the look with her unique fashion style. Thus sunglasses have become a fashion accessory for women and men. Most of the sunglasses are unisexual and are styled differently, by men and women.
  • Sunglasses help to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Harmful rays like UVA and UVB rays can damage our eyes and cause vision loss. Hence to protect our eyes from these rays, our sunglasses should be 100% protective. The sunglasses should have anti-scratch coatings and should be taken care of.
  • With the right tints, sunglasses help to view better. Sunglasses not only help us to see better but also increase the quality of the view. Sunglasses are very helpful for people who drive every day or for a sports person who spends most of his time outdoors needing special polarised sunglasses for extra protection. Wearing sunglasses while driving keeps away the glare and makes it easy to see the road.
  • Sunglasses also help to protect our eyes from various external factors like wind, dust, and snow. Our eyes are exposed to these factors, and these factors cause irritation and redness. Thus wearing sunglasses can protect our eyes from these factors.
  • Wearing sunglasses can also prevent skin cancer. Oversized sunglasses are mainly responsible for protecting our eyes and skin.
  • Sunglasses also help to protect our eyes from glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and many more. 
  • If a person has gone through an eye surgery like a cataract or Lasik, doctors recommend them to wear sunglasses. This is because sunglasses help in the healing process of the eyes. They speed up the healing process as they cover the eyes and keep them safe.

These were the uses of sunglasses and one should always try to wear sunglasses all the time as they are not only a fashion accessory but also an eye protector. There are various shapes, sizes, and designs of sunglasses available in the market and one can style accordingly. Both men’s and women’s sunglasses are there and people can also follow their favourite celebs’ styles for their new summer look. Also do not forget to carry your pair of sunglasses with or without a prescription when you are going out for a vacation or a road trip as the perfect fashion look makes the trip and vacation more fun.

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