Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

The outdoor speaker industry has grown a lot in the past few years. Consumers increasingly use these at parties, hiking trips, or business seminars. Their ability to blast sounds over extended areas is one of their most prominent selling points. Several companies are in the race to become the frontier sellers of this product. Yet, Soundcore is one of the leading retailers in the speaker industry. Below are some reasons behind the company’s success in the market.


1. Affordable payment plans 

At this point and time, Soundcore has two models of outdoor speakers that are selling at enormous rates and bringing in maximum profit. The Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus, priced at $109.99 and $179.99, respectively, have taken over the market. One of the many reasons is that Soundcore offers the client to pay in easy installments and offers discounts to regular customers.

2. Portable design

Soundcore outdoor speakers are lightweight and portable. Weighing in at 5.29lbs and 4.41lbs, the Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus can easily be carried around and accompanied by a strap to hang the speakers around your neck. They are very compact and can easily be put in the back of a car while traveling.  Moreover, they are mobile devices that do not require additional wires for connections. Hence, it makes it easier to carry around.

3. Excellent sound quality

Albeit their small stature, Soundcore outdoor speakers, not compromising the quality or bass of sound produced, are enough to entertain a party of around 300 people. The Motion Boom Plus comprises two 30W woofers that emit powerful soundwave radiations and two 10W tweeters that ensure the emitted sound is crystal-clear. The Motion Boom has two 15W full-range drivers with a TWS system that functions similarly to its successor while operating at a lower power frequency.

4. Never-ending battery life

Their long battery life and state-of-the-art damage resistance feature make these devices stand out in the market. Their 13400mAh battery allows them to function for 24 hours without the need to be charged again. Hence, making them the perfect companion for an overnight trip or while camping in the woods.

5. Exemplary resistance against natural hazards

Soundcore outdoor speakers have brilliant water resistance, with their IPX7 resistance certification, allowing them to be functional even after drowning. Their lightweight assists the speakers to the top of the water body, preventing any water from going inside the speakers.

6. Flawless connections

The Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus are programmed to connect to any device quite effortlessly. They contain Bluetooth 5.0 technology that allows the outdoor speakers to connect to any device, play music continuously without interruptions, and maintain amazing sound quality. However, you can also use your aux cable if you don’t have a Bluetooth device to connect to the speaker and the parent device.

7. Ultra-fast charging

For good measure, it provides USB type-C cables to charge the speakers. This cable offers ultra-fast charging and can connect to most smartphones and laptops. Thus, you can charge your speakers without active electricity, making them the perfect companion to accompany you on journeys to far-fetched areas.

8. User-friendly mobile application

You can also control your Soundcore outdoor speakers via mobile application. The application allows you to monitor the battery health of the speaker, manage your playlist, and allows you to adjust the frequency and other EQ settings to your optimal preference.


Hence, therefore both models of Soundcore outdoor speakers are the best-selling and most sought-after speakers in the market. Generally, Soundcore is the best brand of outdoor speakers out there, which is also affordable besides convenient. Therefore, to save you from the conundrum of deciding which outdoor speakers, choose Soundcore Motion Boom and Motion Boom Plus for a flawless experience for the ages.