Wed. Jun 19th, 2024


Dynamic, results-oriented, executive leader with comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and federal government operations. Michael Grayum Proven success creating high-performing teams and developing community-centered solutions that advance organizational priorities.

Skilled at advancing complex projects in fast-paced, multifaceted (and sometimes ambiguous) environments by helping teams effectively navigate the intersection of politics, public policy, media, and stakeholders. 15+ years of experience working successfully with local and state governments, elected officials, regulatory agencies, and community stakeholders. Passionate about creating community-centered solutions that achieve bottom-line results for taxpayers and organizations.


• Developing and implementing bi-partisan policy and funding solutions as the Director of Government Relations for two state agencies, resulting in the sustainable management of Washington’s natural resources and the protection of wildlife, habitat, and waters of Puget Sound — our nation’s second-largest estuary.

• Leading the executive functions and municipal operations for two of the fastest-growing cities in Washington State, resulting in the implementation of the highest-priority projects and stronger relationships with elected officials, schools, businesses, military leaders, tribal governments, and regional partners.


• Leading and managing complex organizations and operations.
• Advancing clients’ and organizations’ missions through strategic planning, legislative advocacy, and direct lobbying.
• Implementing projects in fast-paced, multifaceted environments by successfully navigating the intersection of politics, public policy, media, and stakeholders.
• Providing innovative, cross-sector strategies on high-profile issues for companies, elected officials, municipalities, and government agencies.
• Facilitating the improvement of programs, processes, and organizational structures.
• Negotiating and administering contracts ranging from real estate acquisitions to collective bargaining agreements.
• Solving problems through teamwork, collaboration, and community engagement that embraces equity, diversity, and inclusion and respects everyone involved or potentially impacted.