Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a new housing opportunity that investors can avail of at affordable cost. It is a project that is part of the Naya Pakistan Housing scheme and aims to provide affordable housing to investors. It is part of the initiative from ex-PM Imran Khan to provide housing to 5 million families that can’t afford their own homes.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated in making this dream realized. The developmental work on this project is continuing while a great number of plots have been booked by the investors. It gives the best investment opportunities to both commercial and residential investors.

Here is a brief overview of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and how it can bring benefits to investors.

Kingdom Valley – A Dream of Comfortable Living Realized

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a dream of comfortable and luxurious housing at an affordable cost. The developers of this project are aware of the needs of middle-class people and their limited resources. They brought an economic project that delivers in the best possible manner while reducing the costs of the project.

If compared to other housing projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it offers high-end services while its costs are considerably low. The developers of this project have expressed their interest in completing this project. Its accessible location, timely completion, and overwhelming interest in plot booking ensure its corporate success.

Reasons to Invest in Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Here are some reasons why Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a reliable investment for investors.

Accessible Location
One of the most important factors that determine the success of a housing project is the location. Kingdom Valley Islamabad fulfills this requirement as the developers have chosen an ideal location for it. It lies close to Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and can be accessed via Chakri Interchange.

The accessibility of the location makes it possible for the inmates to commute from it. Thus, it ensures the success of the project in advance as the inmates will face no problems in commuting.

Ideal Developers
Kingdom Valley Islamabad is being developed by Kingdom Group, which has years of experience in real estate management and development. Their projects are known for sustainability and affordability. As they have worked previously on many other projects, the investors have poured their capital into Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The reliability of the developers is one of the major reasons for the success of this project.

Plot Types
There is a range of plot categories available to interested customers in Kingdom Valley Islamabad. According to the master plan details, there are both commercial and residential plots available to investors. The residential plots include various sizes like 5, 7, 8, and 10 marla, while the commercial category includes plot sizes of 1 and 2 marla.

Thus, the customers can choose a plot of their choice and affordability. There are different blocks that offer diverse living experiences to the inmates. For more info about New metro city mandi bahauddin contact us on this link.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been announced to fulfill the dream of affordable housing. As it is part of the PM’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, it will provide opportunities for those with limited resources to own their home. The pricing plan shows a clear difference between Kingdom Valley Islamabad and other housing projects.

The installment plan has been designed to ensure that there is little burden on the investors, and they pay without any inconvenience. In short, it is the best opportunity if someone needs a budget-friendly option in real estate investment.

NOC Approval
The NOC of Kingdom Valley Islamabad has been approved by competent authorities. Kingdom Valley Islamabad NOC can be verified using registration number DRG/PHATA/2176-2021. As the project has been approved, the customers feel secure, and it has a higher chance of success. The sustainability and other features of this project ensure that it brings the maximum possible benefits to the investors.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is an eco-friendly project that is aimed at ensuring the least-possible environmental impact. The development of this project will ensure that there is little change in the natural setting. Also, green areas have been planned to ensure that the inmates live their life in a rustic environment.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a sustainable housing project that is affiliated with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. It is being developed close to Lahore – Islamabad Motorway (M-2), Chakri Interchange. It is located in one of the most accessible locations and ensures multiple benefits to investors. Those who are interested in the purchase of a plot can book it from an authorized dealer or by visiting the head office.