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Many states outlined their laws on social casinos many decades ago. As a result of which, most people who live in these jurisdictions have a better understanding of the basic dos and don’ts of US online casinos.

In most states, online casino are either governed or gray businesses. The latter case means that a state hasn’t taken a legitimate opinion for or against the activity.

However, the following 6 states have all outlawed online casinos for players:


The Bayou State specifically mentions in its regulations that “gambling by computer,” where the player “risks the loss of valuables to realize a profit,” is prohibited. This means that players can’t legally play online via any medium such as “the Internet, World Wide Web, or any computer, computer system, computer network, computer software, or any server.” A few states, such as Louisiana, banned online casinos in a very short span. The state’s penal code has some strict rules behind it because a first offense is punishable by up to six months in jail.


The Big Sky State was one of the first administrations not to authorize online casinos. This penal code states that it’s prohibited to offer “internet gambling, by whatever name known.” Moreover, it also mentioned not accepting any form of payment for this service. Montana’s anti-online casino law is aimed at operators, which doesn’t let you get busted as a player.


Statue 167.019 states that “A person engaged in an Internet gambling business may not knowingly accept” money from Oregon residents. This law emphasizes not accepting unlawful casino payments through credit cards, checks, EFT, or “any other form of financial transaction” is banned. Oregon aims its anti-online casino laws at operators, mentioning that the punishment for this crime is a Class C felony.

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore State outlaws online casinos in a multi-functional way. Chapter 22-25A, states that “those in the gambling business” aren’t to make online wagers. Any person or a company that works at or operates a casino in South Dakota faces felony charges for playing casino online. The sentence for a first offense is a fine worth up to $10,000 and a jail sentence of up to one year. In short, South Dakota is primarily trying to keep its own casino operators from running an online casino business.


The Evergreen State features not-so-good online gaming laws. According to RCW 9.46.240, any company or player who engages in online casino faces a Class C felony. This law blocks anyone from “transferring or receiving gambling information by telephone, telegraph, radio, the internet, a telecommunications system, or similar means.” The highest sanction for a Class C felony is up to $10,000 fine and 5 years behind bars. Fortunately, Washington never apprehended anyone for playing online casinos.


Wisconsin is similar as compared to South Dakota’s laws in that its anti-gambling laws are meant to block in-state operators. Clause 6 in Statue 945.01 states that any type of communication for the purpose of operating an online casino site is illegal.

Steps to be Taken If Online Casino Is Banned in Your State

If you are a resident of any of the states mentioned above, you might wonder discover your options. There are three ways that can be considered if online gambling is outlawed in your state:

  • Play irrespective of the location and violate the law.
  • Move away from the state lines and play in some other location.
  • Always keep an eye open for online casino opportunities in your state.

It has been found that many players consider the first option, even if it’s illegal. They have minimal fear of getting caught when taking into consideration that law enforcement doesn’t care much about chasing online casino players. The downside to this situation is that online casinos where prohibited are still considered a crime and can affect you at any given time or situation.

The second option is only valid to you if you live near a state border. Moreover, you must reside near a state that provides legalized mobile casino or at least authorizes the offshore variety.

You can always grab the opportunity to play at a live casino, poker room, or sportsbook when the online options are not available. The downside to this is that you’ll need to travel to go to a different location.

Pertaining to the facts mentioned above, no perfect option exists when your state restricts online casinos. However, the good news is that you at least do have some alternative routes to play casino online casino in the United States.

Summing Up

If you like playing online casino games, then you would want to live in a state that supports it. At the very least, you’ll choose to live in a place that overlooks offshore sites. Unfortunately, some states do prohibit online casinos. This means that you won’t be able to place online bets in such cases.

Some players violate these laws anyways and continue playing online. They do not fear the adverse effects of online casinos. They are not scared when considering the lack of online casino-related arrests. Anyway, if these arrests occur, they’re always aimed at operators.

As long as you don’t want to breach the laws in your jurisdiction, you can visit a neighboring state or play at a land-based casino. Either of these routes is a legally accepted alternative when an online casino is banned in your state. Sign Up Now at CosmoSlots VIP