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Which Region is Coming to ESO Next?  

Blackwood and High Isle have been less popular than expected. What should be the next region to bring back interest to the game?

Elder Scrolls Online contains various regions home to different factions and races. Bethesda’s popular MMORPG has continuously opened new zones for players to explore and farm ESO gold from. With the end of 2022, adventurers anticipate another region to greet them next year. What are the potential zones for 2023? 

The Latest ESO Regions 

For 2022, only two zones have been released throughout four DLCs. The High Isles and the Galen are the latest areas to be added to the game, which are only available to ESO accounts with High Isle and Firesong expansions. Several new dungeons and trials have been added, along with many items to compensate.  

With only one central region added to the game, many players expect a new area to be added very soon, in 2023. Devs have yet to announce any specific details regarding the roadmap for next year or any upcoming significant zones. However, there are several quests and NPC dialogues that might give the community a hint of what’s coming next.  

The Telvanni Peninsula’s Necrom 

It’s been a while since any new region that is connected to Morrowind was released. The last one to be released was Vvardenfell during the Morrowind DLC in 2017. While there aren’t any leaks or announcements from devs that would allude to another Dunmer area, some dialogues in-game suggest that the city of Necrom is the next primary zone. 

There is a secret dialogue in the Dark Heart of Skyrim event involving Mel Adrys. Players who have already met this NPC and participated in his quests in the Gold Coast can access this confidential conversation. Gamers who still need to do this mission will only get the default dialogue.  

The regular conversation only has Adrys talking about the invasion of the Gray Host. The secret one sees the Dunmer talking about his father, who he described as a tyrant that would always take him on a pilgrimage in the Telvanni lands. He also mentioned how he had to bring his dead father to Necrom, the city of the Dead.  

While this might seem like a push for speculating the next region, it should be noted that this is a hidden interaction; secret dialogues usually provide details about upcoming content in the future. The Dunmer region has also been frequently mentioned in the latest expansions. 

Morrowind has also been mentioned multiple times in the High Isle and Firesong DLCs. Lady Laurent frequently said the area at the end of the High Isle MSQ. At the same time, many NPCs in Galen have also alluded to the Telvanni Peninsula multiple times.  

What are the Telvanni Peninsula and Necrom? 

The Telvanni Peninsula is known as Morrowind, the home region of the Dark Elves. It is also part of the Ebonheart Pact’s territory. The area is extremely popular with the community since it is the main setting of the beloved Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The Dunmers’ capital of Vvardenfell has been the only zone available from this area for the longest time. 

Necrom is one of the eight major cities of the Dunmer that holds cultural importance to the Dark Elves. The area contains the sacred burial grounds of all the great leaders and warriors of the Telvanni. Necrom is described as having a traffic of corpses along the city’s causeway. The Temple priests manage the place. 

Why is Necrom Possibly the Next Region? 

It should be noted that the last two significant DLCs have been less popular with the community. Blackwood and High Isle have seen significantly lower player engagement. Compared to these two expansions, the Greymoor chapter was seen as one of the more famous chapters since it was based in Wester Skyrim. 

This has led many to believe that focusing on territories featured in other Elder Scrolls games could be the perfect place for future chapters. Morrowind is one of the more famous chapters, and many have alluded to it as one of the best ES titles alongside Skyrim. Despite its popularity, the Dunmer region has only one specific zone feature in the MMO.  

There is more region to explore in the Telvanni Peninsula, and the devs should be aware of this. A potential chapter in Morrowind would trigger some nostalgia and invite more players back into the game to farm ESO gold. Hopefully, Necrom will indeed arrive in Elder Scrolls Online in 2023. 

By Richard Maxwell

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