Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

People love to keep pets for various reasons. Yet, most pet owners worry about the cleanliness of their houses to maintain hygiene. It is not generally because of the frequent shedding. Pet hair tends to spread all over the place and stick like there’s no end. Unfortunately, the car rugs are also an ultimate home to pet furs. So, an efficient cordless pet vacuum becomes the need of an hour to deep clean the place without leaving an inch. 

Here comes the struggle of choosing the best vacuum cleaner that meets your needs and is also not heavy on your pocket. There are plenty of options that we have reviewed to offer you a healthy environment. Yet, the Viomi A9 robot vacuum has made our list of top-notch vacuums in terms of its effective performance and price. 

If you want to know more about this masterpiece, this article is for you. Let’s get started. 

  1. Strong suction-power 

Viomi A9 vacuum also comes with high suction prowess of 23000 Pa. It makes it capable of sucking even the minute dust particles and rigid pet hairs, leaving a clean place behind. The soft roller cleaner head helps to clean the carpets and rugs. Soft and flexible dusting brush cleans keyboards, curtains, and roofs. The Crevice tool head is to clean the small gaps, the sofa’s inner gaps, and tight ceilings. Mini motorheads are suitable for textile products. 

  1. 4-heads vacuum brush

Aeolus 9 vacuum comes with 4 different brushes. So, you can effortlessly clean every nook and crook of your house with one cordless pet vacuum. It’s indeed a sweet treat for consumers who have OCDs or are clean freaks. It is also preferable for people having breathing issues as it can cleanse every pet’s hair like there weren’t any. 

  1. Considerable battery timing 

The users can use this cordless pet vacuum for 1 hour straight with a 2500mah battery. It covers a distance of around 200m2 on a single charge. The surprising benefit is that it also saves the battery when charging to increase stability. Yet, its charging time is 4 hours. 

  1. Removable battery 

Viomi A9 has a removable battery. If its battery is down, you can remove it in a few seconds and use the cordless pet vacuum for one hour more. It is the fourth advanced feature that specifically contributes to making this vacuum a part of our top pick list. 

  1. Durable cyclone 1-in-5 filtration system 

Viomi A9 also has a strong cyclone filtration system that ensures fresh air release. It also offers low wind resistance to avoid dust bursting in the house. Its filter is durable and highly compatible with separating the dust from the air, avoiding clogging. It enables it to reduce secondary pollution or any other inconvenience. 

  1. Multiple cleaning modes 

This cordless pet vacuum also offers three different cleaning modes that you can choose as per your preference. You can go for Max mode to deeply clean the large particles. Standard speed is preferably to clean the mites. You can also choose the energy-saving mode to gain the dual benefits of effective cleaning and long battery life. All these modes are customizable. 

  1. One-touch operational vacuum

Unlike other cordless vacuums, you don’t have to press the button for long to clean. Click it once to let the vacuum do its job. You can even clean the vacuum bin with one light click to protect your hands from dust or pet hair. 

Bottom Line 

Pets know how to attract the love of people. Yet, if you aren’t getting a pet because of cleanliness, it’s not a valid reason anymore. Get your hands on the Viomi A9 vacuum to reduce your labor and also satisfy your cleaning freakiness by letting this best cordless pet vacuum do the need.