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Where To Play Ocean King Online Real Money?Ocean king online real money usa

Ocean King is one of the most searched online fish table products on Google. This game revolves around the theme of catching fish and receiving real money as rewards. The latest and most recent versions are also updated with many new features, giving players the most attractive experience.

Currently, Ocean King online has up to 26 levels in order from easy to difficult. Players can choose any level to join if needed. At the higher levels, the player must have more experience to conquer. Therefore, the rewards players receive if they win are also extremely attractive.

How To Play Ocean King To Get Real Money

Players when participating in Ocean King need to achieve the goal of killing fish with advanced weapons. This game includes the following process: Players buy weapons, move the barrel to aim and accelerate to hunt fish.

In addition to participating in the above process, players need to apply more suitable strategies to win. The amount of bonuses players get depends on how many fish they have killed and their payout percentage.


In Ocean King online, there are a total of 28 fish species, each with a different reward level. For fish with a high payout ratio, the player must use a lot of ammo or powerful weapons to hunt. However, in the process of catching fish, players need to keep in mind that: Each bullet is bought with real money, players must use it as sparingly as possible.

Features Of Ocean King 

  • Quick Bomb
  • Players only need to choose to click on the bomb if they want to use this feature.
  • This is a free feature, players do not need to spend real money to buy. However, each player can only receive 1 at random during the game.
  • Note that the time of use is limited, so players must make full use of it to hunt as much fish as possible.
  • Firestorm
  • It’s also a free, limited-time feature. Players receive “Firestorm” in random circumstances.’
  • If the player wants to increase the time using “Firestorm” to kill a lot of fish, the player must spend money to extend the time.
  • Lightning Chain
  • When the player uses this feature, the fish appear as Lightning Fish
  • This Lightning Fish has many creatures such as: lying fish, clown fish, butterfly fish, fugu, lionfish, flatfish, lobster, spearfish and octopus.
  • If the player wants to activate Lightning Chain, the player needs to have Lightning Fish.
  • The time to use this feature is also limited, if the player wants to increase the time, he must use real money.
  • Vortex fish
  • Including fish such as: clown fish, butterfly fish, fugu, lionfish, flatfish, lobster, …
  • If these fish are located in the affected area of ​​the tornado, they will be swept in and destroyed in just a few seconds.
  • Golden treasure
  • This feature appears in the Demo version.
  • If the player wants to get a high score, the player needs to use the searchlight, access and search for the Imperial Whale.
  • King crab
  • This is an icon that helps the player summon more big waves. Thanks to these waves, players can attack other creatures more easily. From there, players bring in much more attractive bonuses.
  • If there is the appearance of King Crab, the player has an extremely high chance of increasing the bonus.
  • Omnipotent Octopus
  • The tentacles of the omnipotent octopus will kill many types of fish in a short time.
  • The almighty Octopus brings in attractive bonuses from 400 to 700x the actual stake.
  • Fire Dragon Turtle
  • Players when possessing this feature can increase their strength worth, all fish on the screen can be destroyed.
  • Besides, the rewards players receive are also extremely attractive. The bonus value will be a huge number.
  • Player bonuses can range from 300 to 700x.
  • Shadow monster
  • If a good shadow monster appears, then 7 lantern fish will appear immediately after. They are responsible for attacking other creatures in the sea.
  • From there, players can receive more attractive incentives with bonuses ranging from 600 to 1200x.
  • Ancient Crocodile
  • An ancient crocodile capable of summoning hundreds of other giant crocodiles. All will join forces to attack other creatures in the sea.
  • Players from there have the ability to raise the bonus level up to 500 or 1000x.

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Versions Of Ocean King Online Real Money At

  • Ocean King 2 – Thunder Dragon
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  • Ocean King 3 – Crab Avengers
  • Ocean King 3 – Fire Phoenix
  • Ocean King 3 – Legend of the Phoenix
  • Ocean King’s Treasure

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Ocean King is the best version of the online fish table game, giving players the most satisfying experience. This game at the has a lot of advantages and attractive features. Hope players can be satisfied when betting at!