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Do you want to play old school PlayStation games but you don’t have access to the console? If you have a personal computer, then you have what you need. All you need to download then is a PS2 emulator, and a few ROMs.

The PS2 ROM is simply an image of the DVD disc onto which PlayStation 2 games were burned. The ROM works with a piece of software called the emulator to play your favorite PS2 games on your PC. The emulator imitates the technology of the console by running another ROM based off the device’s BIOS. The BIOS is responsible for the machine language that both reads the information in the ROM and the memory cards, and runs the game.

The emulator also works with another software called an image mounting program. This program reads the ISO format that most ROMs come in, and mounts it as a virtual disc on your computer. The emulator then reads the data on the mounted disc, and runs the game for you.

Why Play With an Emulator Instead of a Console?

Many gamers actually prefer to play PlayStation 2 games on an emulator rather than purchase a separate console. That is because there are many advantages that an emulator has over the console. Let’s have a snapshot of what these advantages are, and then we’ll move to where we can find ROMs for our PS2 emulator

First, emulators allow you to save space. Instead of having to stack DVDs, you only have to find space within your hard drive for your ROMs. You can have more games in your PC than you could if you keep physical copies of games at home.

Second, emulators offer better graphics and even allow you to tweak the video output to maximize your computer’s capabilities. If you are impressed by the graphics in Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, for example, you’ll be amazed at the enhanced imagery when you play the game on an emulator.

Last but not least, emulators don’t restrict you to a single region like an emulator would. For example, you can play games that were exclusively released in Japan by simply running a Japan BIOS on your emulator.

Alright, that’s it! Now that you know how superior an emulator actually is compared to the console, it’s time to see where we can download PS2 ROM for free. Here are the top 3 websites on the Internet when it comes to PlayStation 2 ROMs.

Highly popular on the Internet, is your one-stop shop when it comes to game emulators. You can find the PS2 ROM that you want here, and more!

A look at the website’s home page will tell the tale. It has emulators from all sorts of gaming consoles, including the classic Atari consoles, the SEGA Genesis, and the venerable Super Nintendo. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s and would like to have some classic gaming on your computer, is the website for you.

Take a look at the downloads figure at the left-hand corner of the website. The PS2 category alone boasts of more than 3 million downloads!


Emuparadise is one of the biggest websites where you can download your PS2 ROMs. The website claims to have more than 4,000 titles for the PlayStation 2 in its inventory.

The website does not only allow you to download ROMs, but also to read about the game that you’re about to add to your ROM library. Each game’s profile page has a synopsis, a short discussion of its features, and user reviews complete with screenshots and videos that you should definitely check out. You can also participate by adding your own thoughts to the discussion as well.

Aside from your PS2 ROMs, you can also download game strategy guides from Emuparadise as well.


If you want a straightforward source with no extraneous features, then ROMSGames.Net is the best place for you to go. In here, you’ll simply browse through or search the website for the ROM that you want, and then download it. The website does not have the community-oriented design and approach of Emuparadise, but its layout is effective in what it is made to do. You only want to download the ROMs, after all.

A word of warning though – the website has a lot of ads in its design. They’re harmless, but they can be annoying, especially the huge banner ads that pop up in each page that you visit.

There are many other websites that you can visit outside of these three, but these are highly recommended. Just do a Google search, and you’ll find more sources. Happy gaming!


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