Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
good Korean books

The Korean wave or “Hallyu” is the term for the rising of Korean culture in terms of music, food, and lifestyle happening in the past few years mainly because of the influence of Kpop music. More people are also looking for culture classes and taking language lessons to learn Korean, but some people prefer to self-study at home. It might be difficult to find Korean books in other countries but Ziptoss has you covered. We’ve listed some websites where you can get books and book recommendations online so you can learn the language, art, and culture as well.


As one of the most popular online markets all over the world, Amazon has a wide range of Korean books from language, storybooks, and Korean tales. There are a lot of bilingual and monolingual books to choose from. Amazon has an advantage of shipping products worldwide, and offers free and faster shipping if you have Amazon Prime. There are also reviews you can check if you’ve found the perfect book for you. The only downside is the search filter where you might experience getting the wrong or mixed results.


Koreanbook is a company based in Germany that specializes in Korean culture in European countries. This online store provides every book about South Korea, from history and music, to cooking and architecture. They provide these Korean books in English, Korean, and German languages. Aside from having a website, they can also be contacted via hotline, they offer worldwide shipping, and free shipping around Germany if you purchase books that are over €50.


This online global shop is very popular among Koreans and foreigners. Gmarket is similar to online shops like eBay or Amazon, and can cater customers in different languages(English, Korean, and Chinese), there are many book genres to choose from as well. You can also see reviews from different customers and see if you’re purchasing the right book for you. Gmarket ships from South Korea, and they accept different payment methods. You can also track your package on their website. But just like Amazon, their search filter might not be as helpful because other books might get mixed with your search.

Books on Korea

An online shop called “Books on Korea”, not only do they sell books about history and culture, they also sell educational materials such as informatics, reference books for elementary and high school. They also have a variety of foreign novels that are translated in Korean, and they ship quickly.


Twochois is owned and run by two sisters that can help you buy Korean books straight from South Korea. They can help and give advice to foreigners on what book to choose to further improve your Korean language skills. Books in Chinese, English, russian,           etc are available including dictionaries and cultural books. Their menu is well-organized and you can request for a personal order for specific books you need and they will find it for you. Aside from helping you find the books you need, they give book recommendations and suggestions too.