Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Wax melts are chunks of wax, more like scented candles without wicks, and all you have to do to release the fragrance trapped in them is using an electrical wax warmer or a non-electric oil burner to melt them in a ceramic burner or glass.

Although candles are more popular, in recent times, wax melts have been growing in popularity as you can now find them in retail stores nationwide, and you can also buy wax melts online.

Many people love using wax melts because they do not produce soot, smoke, or need to be directly lit—which makes them a safer option compared to candles. In addition to safety, wax melts are cheaper than candles as the average cost of wax melts falls between $5 – $25 while that of candles falls between $18 – $20 and can go as high as $50.

While lots of people love using wax melts, not many sit back to think about its origin. If you are reading this article, you are among the very few persons who are interested in its origin. 

Learning about the source of something can help you better understand and use it. This blog post was created specifically for that purpose. In today’s article, we will be looking at the origin of wax melts (where wax melts came from).

Origin of wax melts

The first wax melt was made several years ago, when candlemakers, also known as chandlers, were looking for ways to use the leftover or unused wax when making candles (or after pouring candles).

The leftover candles were often poured into metal tart trays (same as in pastry baking). This made then have a pastry tart-like shape. Due to their pastry tart-like shape, they became commonly known as wax tarts or tarts. But today, wax melts are now available in different sizes, shapes, and colours. They are now not only referred to as wax tarts; they are also called candle tarts or candle melts, wax melts, scent chips, and scented cubes.

In the UK, wax melts started gaining recognition about 10 years ago when many large candle brands launched ranges of wax melts. Over time, the wax melt industry has continued to grow and develop, as you can now find many handmade wax makers trading their products. High street discount retailers and supermarkets now recognize the popularity of wax melts over scented candles as they are often bought more.


Wax melts have a long history, and today, they are no longer only available in wax tarts; they are now available in pots, packs such as class packs, and various shapes created in moulds. To better enjoy your wax melts, use only a portion in a warmer over a heat source—the heat source can either be electricity or tealight.

However, using wax melters without carefully following instructions is considered dangerous. Always make sure to follow the instructions that come with your warmers or on the boxes of your warmers.