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With Valentine’s day being at the corner, it is a generous possibility for players to win astonishing prizes. Need to know Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite? Players are crazed across the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada to gather the chocolate encloses the one fortnite season 5-week 11 test.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are searching for the areas, at that point you are at the correct spot. In this we make it simple for players to locate the three chocolate boxes and arise champs. For this, you should peruse the full article, as we uncover the key to you.

What is Fortnite Week 11 Challenge?

Fortnite has ended up being a famous objective from the earliest starting point, wherein each is offered different difficulties consistently. The current week’s test remembers finding Where Are the Chocolate Boxes for Fortnite.

Players should assemble chocolate boxes according to the three areas, including Pleasant Park, Retail Row, or Holly Hedges. Also, this article will make it simple for players on the off chance that they would prefer not to go through weeks looking through the guide of Fortnite.

Would you like to discover the chocolate boxes’ area and complete the game at the earliest opportunity? All things considered, at that point here we go. In the beneath area, we have enrolled the area subtleties for every one of the three spots to make it simple for you.

Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite?

The test required the players to discover three chocolate encloses Pleasant Park, Retail Row, and Holly Hedges.

Wonderful Park: Here, the main box is put in the blue structure on the highest level, on the southeast corner of the recreation center. You can locate the second box on the western edge in the yellow house, on the primary floor in the room on the left.

Holly Hedges: The primary box thus is situated under the wreath curve in the north of POI. Conversely, you can locate the second in the tall house on the southeast corner of the lounge area table.

Retail Row: Now Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite Retail Row area? Indeed, the first is the doghouse or LeBrons as referred to by players utilized as the b-ball court. The crate is put in one of the rooms on the highest level.

Then again, the subsequent one is on the primary floor, set on the sales register. For this, the player should head towards the general store in the north of the Retail Row area.


Major parts in this Fortnite game should discover just three of these chocolate boxes to finish the game soon. What’s more, when you find Where Are the Chocolate Boxes in Fortnite, you head one bit nearer to Fishstick and level 100 to finding an ideal date for you this current Valentine’s Day. Wouldn’t that make an ideal game to finish the season 5 Week 11 test easily?

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