Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Hiring new employees soaks up a considerable amount of resources. First, there’s the manpower and tech power required to attract and recruit new talent. Crafting effective job descriptions and placing them in venues where they’re sure to be seen is trickier than it sounds. Then you’ve got to screen your applicants and sift out those folks that deserve a second look. Phone calls are an effective tool for this first pass, but they take time and money. Once you’ve got a pool of possibilities, it’s time for interviews, interviews, and more interviews, all of which are resource heavy tasks. Finally, you’ve got all the paperwork and training that comes with onboarding a new hire. 

It’s easy to see why skipping a background check is such a temptation. It’s one more step and a few more dollars in an already convoluted process. But here’s the thing: you’ve spent valuable money and man hours on getting that new employee up and running; skipping the background check increases the risk that you’ll have to do it all over again. 

That’s right. Background checks help you avoid onboarding the wrong person, and wrong hires are fantastically expensive because they require you to restart the entire hiring process and because of the damage they can do to your organization. 

For the low price of a background check and a couple of extra days added to the hiring process, you get better hires that pose less risk to your organization and that have the skills and credentials needed to hit the ground running. There’s almost no investment you can make with a better ROI. 

Never, ever skip the background check.

So, what’s the best background check?

Not all background checks are created equal. If you’re going to do one, you need to do the right one. Here are some criteria to use to find the best background check for your business:

  • Accredited professional provider. Always use a professional background check service. For the price, you’ll get a reliable, accurate, fully compliant report plus a host of other services that will make the process easier, more efficient, and totally legal. 
  • Industry expertise. Many industries have very specific regulations regarding background checks. Healthcare is one example; transportation is another. These industries, as well as many others, have complicated rules governing background checks. Retail has its own set of complications, seasonal hiring and employing first-time workers. Partnering with an agency that has experience in your industry guarantees you’ll get services that fit. 
  • Pricing options. Many agencies offer pricing packages that are tailor-made for small, medium, and large businesses. Look for options that make sense for your volumes.

The Bottom Line

Again, don’t skip the check. Find an option that works for you today. 

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