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Undoubtedly, keeping your customers engaged all the time in your business is challenging. Fortunately, push notifications are the best mobile marketing strategies that encourage customers about your products and services.

Many businesses are utilizing this tool to establish direct contact with their customers effectively.  It is also the best way to gain a loyal customer base.  Besides, the current statistics indicate, the retention rate is more than 2X if customers have opted to use push notifications. 

So, are you ready to implement push notifications strategy in your business?

Remember you can’t rely on push notifications merely since customer retention mainly depends on the UI, UX, and notification content which decide whether the customer gives a lead or not.  Below we have gathered the top 10 recommended push notifications tools that help you target the audience quickly and effectively. 

10 Best Push Notifications Tools You Should Know

1. WonderPush

WonderPush is one of the best and fastest tools in the market. It offers web and mobile notifications along with in-app messaging for both android and iOS with React Native push notifications.  It is an easy-to-use and powerful platform to get thousands of leads effortlessly. However, to get started with React Native you need a required code that will be easily available to you. Moreover, it sends stunning messages and gives you real-time stats.  Even marketers call it is as one tool for all business needs. 

2. WebEngage

WebEngage is well-known for delivering smart messages that turn your users into loyal customer base for a longer time. This push notification triggers the push notifications in order to ensure the best UX. WebEngage is the best to create your notifications campaigns quickly and generate quality leads for your business. Although, the WebEngage team personally looks into your website with A/B testing before sending messages. It is to ensure effective communication. 

3. Push Woosh

Push Woosh is one of the excellent push notifications sending tools in the market for startups. This highly scalable tool often works in every platform, say iOS, windows, android, and blackberry. It comprises lots of features such as advanced reporting, customer support, remote API, analytics, notification scheduling, tagging, and more. 

4. Mixpanel

If you’re looking for a push notification tool that helps you track regular activities as well, Mixpanel can be your choice. This tool will help you engage customers quickly through effective messaging services. The best of Mixpanel is it identifies the customers first before sending notifications. Moreover, it offers retroactive funnel reports in real-time data analytics and events tracking. A/B testing, real-time output, and segmentation are its more features. 

5. PushCrew

If you are looking for both free and paid tools for sending push notifications, then Get PushCrew. It offers you excellent services that you haven’t imagined before. This provides you with a set of features that allow you to set up triggers for notifications based on the customer’s prerequisites and actions.

6. CataPush

CataPush is also available in both free tools for sending push notifications to the users. This tool is well-known for delivering API, which is ideal for sending the banking notifications such as transactional details and more. Moreover, it is the ideal tool for your customers as it works according to customers’ activity on their phones. The best of CataPush is it provides numerous push notification tools to facilitate your customers and interact with them personally via notifications. 

7. Push Alert

Push Alert is well-known as the dedicated push notification WordPress plugin. It is highly advanced for sending notifications on windows and iOS. It is also available on free and paid services for their customers. The best feature of Push Alert is that it sends notifications that get customers’ attention and give you a successful lead. It also helps you with A/B testing and sending notifications with ease to various customer groups.

8. PushBots

PushBots is the best-automated push notifications, service provider. It is a good way to go in the market, especially if you do not have an in-house team for writing personalized messages. With this tool, you can target your desired audience easily based on personal content. Primarily, it helps you target the audience based on several parameters such as geographical, personalized, broadcast, etc.

9. Google Firebase

If you are looking for a free-to-use push notification tool, then Google Firebase is the best way to get started. This tool basically works for mobile apps to increase their customer base and revenue. Furthermore, it helps you to provide the integration facility with analytics. Thus, you can send and review notifications in real-time.

10. LeanPlum

If you are looking for a premium push notification tool then LeanPlum will help you get what you need. This tool comes with a complete toolkit that assists you to build a strong messaging strategy that works almost in your favor. In addition, it provides various features such as multi-lingual support, remote API, analytics, location-based targeting, and more. 

The Bottom Line

So, that’s all. These are the top 10 leading push notifications you can choose for your business.

We hope now you have a clear idea about choosing the right push notifications tool for your business. However, in our recommendation, we suggest you opt for WonderPush since it satisfies all the marketer’s conditions in one tool. Also, it helps you deliver the best results that you are looking for. 

Besides choosing a tool, monitoring your business constantly and studying insights, and optimizing websites are the crucial factors you would need to keep analyzing to go a long way. 

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