Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
RecruitersWhat to Look for when Hiring Recruiters for Your Company

There are several characteristics to be on the lookout for when hiring a recruiter for your company. While it would obviously be helpful if the recruiters you hired had experience in your company’s particular field, making them familiar with the specific market they will be recruiting for, it may be more important to consider other, more general skills in addition.

You will want recruiters who are good with people, and who know where to connect with potential new hires. You also want recruiters who love what they do and are always seeking to improve. With that in mind, consider these when looking to hire recruiters for your company:

Excellent Communication Skills

Recruiters must work with many people through many different communication channels. Therefore, you should look for recruiters with great speaking, writing, and listening skills. Your recruiters will have to work with your company, as well as potential new hires, and they will have to communicate via email, phone call, and possibly text or direct messages.

Recruiters with good writing and speaking skills will be able to use these skills to benefit your company by reaching the ideal hires and clearly communicating to them the benefits of your company all the way up to (and possibly through) the onboarding process. People skills like this are obviously important in a position that interacts with so many people.  

Technological Savvy

Proficiency in technology is also important in the modern world of recruiting and applying for jobs online. When looking for recruiters for your company, you should look for candidates who are proficient in general technologies that they will need in day-to-day work like email, word processing, etc., as well as technologies specific to recruiting, such as the websites that your company posts job ads on, LinkedIn, etc.

Your potential recruiters should also be proficient in social media if your company participates in those platforms. Your company’s social media can be used as a recruiting tool, or you may have potential candidates reaching out via social media. 


You should also look for recruiters who are passionate about their job. This passion will help them strive to find the best candidates for your company, and that will help your company grow and prosper. 

A passion for their work may appear on potential recruiters’ resumes as advanced trainings and certifications. This desire to grow both personally and professionally demonstrates. That they care about their work and are always looking to improve.

This passion will lead to great results for your company. As your recruiters continue to improve professionally and learn new best practices that can be applied to recruiting for you. 

There are many things you may look for in a recruiter, and for a position that interacts with so many people. People skills, such as communication should be at the top of the list.

In today’s digital world, technology skills are also important, especially when it comes to recruiting and applying for jobs online. And passion for their job will only benefit your company when it comes to hiring recruiters.