Propane delivery is a cost-effective and versatile fuel alternative for your home. Many homeowners prefer propane because it is useful for a wide range of functions.

Besides keeping your home warm, propane also powers home appliances like laundry dryers, barbeques, and generators. If you’re new to using propane, here are six things to look for in a propane delivery service:  


Affordable pricing is one factor to consider when looking for a propane supplier. The high use of propane in homes is based on its affordability compared to natural gas and electricity. While comparing prices, pay attention to the payment plans of different suppliers. Consider if they allow installments, if you can rent the propane tank instead of buying it, and if there are any extra charges attached to their services. 

These inspections help you have a clear picture of the actual price of propane. For instance, some companies charge separate installation and servicing fees for propane tanks. Having this information makes it easier to plan your finances.

Outstanding Customer Service

Propane is a recurring need. Make sure your preferred propane supplier has good customer service since you’ll be dealing with them often.  

When assessing customer service, working hours are a factor to consider. It’s best to work with a propane delivery company whose service hours align with your schedule. A 24/7 neighborhood propane supplier makes it convenient for you to access their services.

Even if they don’t operate 24/7, a supplier should have an emergency line that does. This makes it easier to reach them in an emergency. Such an emergency may be an issue with your propane tank or last-minute propane delivery. 

The Propane Supplier Must Be Certified by Authorities

Like any industry, the propane industry has a set of regulations that companies must adhere to. These regulations extend to the sourcing, handling, and usage of propane. Work with a company that is certified. 

If anything goes wrong, it’s easier to track and demand accountability from a regulated propane supplier. Certification also improves customer confidence regarding product safety. 

Flexible Propane Delivery Options

Different propane suppliers have different delivery options. Knowing a company’s delivery programs helps you determine whether they are the right partner for you. 

A convenient and flexible delivery program contributes to a positive customer experience. Some standard delivery options include:

  • Auto-fill: Don’t want to dial up your propane supplier every time you run out? With the auto-fill option, your supplier tracks propane usage by having your home appliance data in their systems. They dispatch a propane delivery whenever they sense you’re running out.
  • Remote Monitor: This is an advanced version of the auto-fill option. Your supplier installs a remote monitor on your propane tank and receives an alert to come fill it if it falls beyond a certain level. 
  • Call and Fill: With this option, you are solely responsible for initiating deliveries. Some propane suppliers require at least three days’ notice before dispatch. 
  • Pre-buy/Seasonal Option: Buying your propane in advance makes sense if you’re a rigorous planner. Some companies allow you to get a regular seasonal delivery as long as you pay early. For instance, they can refill your tanks every three months or every summer.  

Safety of the Propane

Safety is a concern for many propane users. Despite being a relatively safe fuel option, propane accidents can still occur. Most of these accidents occur due to the mishandling of propane. For this reason, your propane supplier must have safety measures in place. 

The first step in ensuring safety is working with a certified and regulated supplier. This provides a guarantee that they only source high-quality propane components. 

Next, an ideal propane company should have rigorous training programs for its staff. Extensive training empowers staff with the skills to handle propane without introducing impurities. It also puts the team in a position to educate customers on safety measures and handling emergencies. 

Customer Reviews

If you want to gauge the reputation of a propane distributor, use customer reviews. Positive customer reviews are a good sign. Look for reviews that commend the company’s pricing, convenience, safety, and pricing. 

Search engines and social media platforms are the best places to access genuine company reviews. If your neighborhood has a social media group, seek reviews from people there.  

Start Using Propane for Your Home TodayIf you want to enjoy the benefits of using propane, choose a reliable propane delivery service. A propane supplier should be affordable, efficient, safe, and regulated. Checking off these qualities in a supplier saves you money and peace of mind. Try propane for your home today and see how it compares to natural gas and electricity.