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There are things that kill love in a relationship A habit, behaviour, attitude, mistake, word may put an end to a relationship. Therefore it is important to beware of them and stay away from them. Let’s go through those this to avoid to protect your love relationship. 


This one of the most dangerous thing at the root of arguments between couples. You should never compare your partner to anyone else, especially to your ex. Comparing your current partner with your ex could result in major cracks in the relationship. 

Taking your partner for granted

Many use to say things like:  ‘But she knows I love her. No need to tell her again or to do something special to show it ‘ or ‘We are already married. No need to make efforts again’ . This is a great and dangerous mistake. Knowing that he is aware of your love isn`t enough. By acting like this you are taking your partner for granted and you will never build a long term relationship when you take the one you love for granted. Don`t let your him/her forget that he/she is the only one who’s able to make your life fabulous and your relationship worth to be called magnificent. You must show your partner how much you love and appreciate him on a daily basis. 

Excessive jealousy

A strong relationship is built on mutual trust. Excessive jealousy is the proof of a lack of trust in your partner. This will cause you to be suspicious on everything and at every time. Suspecting and spying on your partner won’t help you build a happy relationship. It`s good to keep in touch all the time, but don`t go too far. Have faith in your partner and respect them if they want some privacy. For entertainment you can browse

Keeping quiet

Communication is very vital for the survival of a relationship in a couple. Learn to tell your partner what you need from them. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Even when you are mad at something they did (maybe unknowingly), do not keep it for yourself; tell them but in a healthy way. Always keep lines of communication open.  If you keep things unsaid and bottle-up your feelings, things may blow out of proportion, and then it might be too late to salvage a relationship. All couples argue and have disagreements. But don’t hold on to grudges. 

Pretending there’s no problem

It’s true that in order to not make things worse, it’s wiser sometimes, to not bring up issues when it’s okay now. But pretending there’s no problem, though you both know something is wrong is foolishness. Denying problems will not make them go away. In fact, unaddressed issues are likely to get worse over time. You must find the good timing for it and the right place. But it shouldn’t be an excuse to delay the conversation in order to settle it. Don’t bring up a serious topic at the end of a hard day or argue in public on important matters. Instead, pick up a time when you both are relaxed and a place which ensures total privacy. 

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