There are several new capabilities the Windows 11 platform is bringing to developers. On October 5, Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system update. According to Microsoft, newer PCs will likely get it earlier than older, more dated computers. Currently, the staged rollout is planned to last until the middle of 2022. As a Windows software developer, you need to know what the latest upgrade means for your programming process, techniques, and workflow. This way, you can plan ahead with the proper tools and make sure your PC computer is compatible with the change. Read on to learn about what the Windows 11 platform means for software developers.

Optimize System Performance

First, you can optimize your system performance when you upgrade your OS to Windows 11. Indeed, the new platform does significant work in memory management to favor the applications you run in the foreground. Notably, this ensures that these apps get more CPU power over your other system resources. According to Microsoft, you can still access excellent speed, even under 90% CPU load. In addition, Windows 11 allows you to keep your RAM energized when your system is in sleep mode. This way, it still has power when the rest of your system does not. Then, you can wake your PC up from sleep mode up to 25% faster than in older OS versions. Certainly, this will help you improve Windows 11 performance.

Utilize Advanced Dev Tools

Next, you can also utilize advanced dev tools in the new Windows 11 upgrade. Indeed, the Windows Insider Program for Developers offers tools to bring applications to customers faster. For example, you can download the Windows app software development kit (SDK) to build desktop apps for Windows 11. Additionally, you can also download a free integrated developer environment (IDE) to start programming.

Of course, you can still use popular container registries in the Windows 11 upgrade as well. Indeed, many developers use a Helm repository by JFrog to manage their Helm charts and store Docker images. Once installed, you can access massively scalable storage and high security for your repositories. Absolutely, utilize advanced dev tools in the new Windows 11 OS.

Enable Better Code

In addition, Windows 11 enables better code for developers as well. For example, the new operating system introduces new capabilities such as Direct Storage. With this technology, you can rapidly move data from storage to your GPUs. This is highly beneficial for game developers. Simultaneously, AI developers can deliver training data to machine learning systems. If these systems use the Direct Compute APIs, they can work with GPU-hosted neural networks as well. Since Windows 11 is an open platform, it can support almost any development model. Thus, you can access advanced APIs and top tools that you may not get on other operating systems.

Refresh Apps And Experiences

Moreover, you can also refresh your apps and experiences when you upgrade to Windows 11. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is one of the first major redesigns of Windows. Indeed, Windows 11 offers a rounder geometry across its UI surfaces. For many users, this makes the platform feel more approachable. Simultaneously, apps are easier to scan. This can increase engagement on the customer side. In addition, you can also apply a refreshed color palette as well. Additionally, the new Mica material allows wallpaper images to shine though your app’s frame. With the new OS, you can also upgrade your typography and iconography as well.

Access A New Windows Store

Furthermore, the Windows 11 platform allows you to access a new Windows store as well. With this version, there are nearly no limitations on your application packaging. Indeed, the new store supports .NET applications using XAML and Xamarin. Simultaneously, it supports Win 32 code, progressive web apps (PWAs), and web apps built with React Native. By opening up the store to a wider range of applications, legacy apps can get a new distribution channel. In addition, you can also access a new source of monetization for your apps. Indeed, you can offer your own payment service when selling your enterprise tools through the Store. This way, you can keep more revenue.

There are several new capabilities the Windows 11 platform is bringing to developers. First, you can optimize your system performance when you upgrade your OS. Next, you can also utilize advanced tools such as IDEs and container registries. In addition, enable better code with advanced storage and APIs. Moreover, you can also refresh apps and experiences with rounder UI geometry and upgraded typography. Furthermore, you can access a new Windows store with expanded application distribution support and monetization. Consider these points to learn about what the Windows 11 platform means for software developers.

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