Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Wavlink AC600 is a waterproof extender, which can comfortably spread the signals far and wide. But many times people are facing slow internet connection problems. It can emit the connection issues, eliminate slow WiFi speed, and WiFi dead spots. However, if you are facing these issues with your wavlink WiFi extender then read this article. 

Perform The Wavlink AC600 Setup 

The first step is to set up the wavlink to get high speed signals in your devices. However, your device can’t connect with the router, if your extender setup isn’t proper. So, you should get the proper knowledge about the setup of your extender and router.

You can connect your extender with different styles. Originally, you check the WPS button on your router. Because without it, you can’t connect your extender with the router. You can easily set up your wavlink AC600 extender with the help of the WPS Button.

After turning on the power of your extender, press the WPS button of your extender and router until the LED lights are solid green. Likewise, you can set up your wavlink extender with the help of the wavlink extender login portal. 

Connect Extender to Main Router By Ethernet Cable 

You can connect the wavlink extender to your router with the use of an ethernet string. It is the more dependable way to connect your extender and router. When a device can’t get the WiFi signals then the ethernet cable will help you to connect the extender with the router. It helps you to find the result of your problem where it is, in your extender or router. 

Due to the availability of the ethernet cable, the establishment of a connection is simple. You simply need to ensure your ethernet port and fit it into the LAN port of your AC600 extender. After that, connect the other end to your regular router’s LAN harborage. Now, you can spark the power and check the connection. 

Relocate Your Wavlink WiFi Extender 

Position is the most critical aspect when the extender isn’t working properly because the extender does not perform correctly if it is placed in a crowded area. Make sure that your router should detect at the halfway position of the house, when you install your extender. Some people set up their extenders near the router, in this situation they don’t get signals far and wide.

Take your extender 10 to 15 feet away from the router and set it over there where it can get a stylish signal from the router. A suitable distance between the extender and the router should be kept going, neither too close nor too far. 

Change The Wireless Channels 

To resolve the Internet connection problem, you can change the WiFi channels. It’s also the topmost option to get good wireless signals. Most time your neighbors use the same channels at their router and extender. So make sure to set differing channels, which helps you to increase the strength of your internet signal. 

In order to log in you must use the login admin of the wizard. You may enter in the login wizard by using the .To login the information of the extender setting you must select the wireless settings. You can change the WiFi channel under this tab. The problem will presumably also be remedied after that. 

Avoid Connecting Much Device With an Extender 

When we connect many devices at the same time, it will also reduce the speed of the internet. People face slow internet speed issues, when they are doing their important office work at their home. Because the children also connect to the other WiFi at the same time. So in this critical time connect less devices by which your laptop or tablet can get high internet. 

Update The Firmware 

If you use an outdated extender in your office also it may not connect with your rearmost router.However, upgrade your wireless extender with the rearmost interpretation, If that can be the cause of the slow internet. 

To Conclude 

In this article, we have given some tips to you. It will help you. In the other case if you are still facing any kind of problem, then you can drop a message in our comment box. Our team will respond to you within a short time.