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An IT or technical support staff refers to employees from the tech department of any company. They maintain computer systems, software, and hardware. They provide technical support to employees, customers, and clients. Many people find IT support interesting and want to take up a job in this field. This IT support provider in Chapel Hill offers various jobs for people interested. But even before you apply, you must know what to look for on Glassdoor when searching for an IT tech support job. Understanding different roles and responsibilities will help you shortlist jobs and apply for the right ones.

Jobs for IT Tech Support that You can Search on Glassdoor

Below are some of the top jobs in IT Tech Support that you can look for on Glassdoor:

IT Engineer

The IT engineer will design, install, and update computer systems, software, and hardware in the company’s operating systems. They will test, troubleshoot issues, and maintain the systems for effective performance. Their daily tasks include configuring and designing network systems and operating procedures. 

IT Manager

IT managers are the leaders of the IT department in any company. They manage, oversee, and improve IT systems, networks, software, and data security. Their tasks include managing the entire department and providing goals and directions to achieve those goals.

IT Support Engineer

An IT support engineer should understand the issues faced by the IT support staff. They should be able to identify and analyze the problems and find technical solutions. They must report system downtime, speed lags, performance issues, and potential risks.

IT Project Manager

The IT project manager handles any company’s technical strategies to combine business functions and other systems into information technology. They manage, review and update the company’s software programs, securities, policies, and privacy.

IT Specialist

An IT specialist monitors and ensures the right operations and systems security. They help with customer service, offer solutions, handle software and hardware, and manage projects with deadlines and timelines. 

App Developer

App developers code, build, test, debug, and monitor programs and applications. They design the creative software required for the app and troubleshoot any flaws. They must have good knowledge of programming languages and should be able to create, design, and update operating systems.

Information Manager

Information managers plan and ensure secure system operations in organizations. They create ways to integrate business functions into technology and review the operating systems. Their primary task is to protect the operating system and prevent potential security breaches.

Systems Analyst

Systems analysts secure and produce high-performance IT systems. They usually interview users, identify problems and faults, find areas for improvement, perform tests, and help boost system performance. They should be able to design software for companies and implement new systems.

Data Scientist

A data scientist analyzes data to find patterns and trends. They organize the data into structured and unstructured data. They collect and identify sources and build and execute algorithms. They gain, clean, process, integrate, and organize data.

Cloud Engineer

A cloud engineer implements cloud services that will be a part of the IT environment. They design and build cloud-based systems and technologies for businesses and clients. They should be able to configure cloud infrastructure, create and handle cloud technologies, create applications and databases for the cloud, and help businesses migrate from manual tasks to the cloud. 

Requirements for an IT Tech Support Job

Below are the requirements for an IT support job:

  • An information technology or computer science degree
  • Certification in Linux, Microsoft, or Cisco
  • Experience in desktop support or tech support.
  • Experience using Windows, Mac OS, or Linux
  • Experience with help desk software and remote desktop applications
  • Problem-solving skills and attention to detail
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Good verbal and written communication 

What Does an IT Tech Support Person Do?

An IT tech support person has several responsibilities and duties. Below are the common duties of an IT tech support person:

  • Identify software and hardware solutions
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Resolve network issues
  • Diagnose and fix any faults
  • Install and configure software and hardware
  • Find the root of customer problems
  • Provide accurate customer feedback
  • Take customers through a series of steps to resolve problems
  • Follow up to ensure the problem is solved
  • Roll-out new applications
  • Replace or repair hardware parts
  • Test and evaluate new technologies
  • Conduct electrical safety checks on equipment
  • Provide procedural documentation
  • Manage multiple cases once

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