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This world we are living in, is a global village. All possible because of a single electronic device, the smartphone. The world is becoming smarter everyday with every device being turned into smart. But the way smartphones have changed the world, its amazing. 

While choosing a smartphone, what features should you check before buying it? Here are some of them.

How powerful should a smartphone be?

All modern programs, as well as mobile video games that are not resource-demanding, can run any smartphone costing from $100-150. If you want to play at maximum graphics settings, the choice of smartphone, and in particular the processor, should be approached more scrupulously. Huawei Y9 is a good option, if you want to buy a powerful phone.

The newer and more expensive the smartphone, the more powerful the processor in it – this is an axiom. But software manufacturers are interested in as many people as possible using their product. Therefore, most video games and almost all applications are optimized to work even on budget devices.

How much memory should a smartphone have?

Considering the weight of photos, videos, modern applications, games and periodic system updates, the minimum choice of memory for a smartphone is 32 GB. The vast majority of devices support an additional slot for a memory card, but strangely enough, in some models you have to choose between 2 SIM cards and a SIM card + memory card.

To store personal media files, there are cloud storages that help free up space on your smartphone. But, if you prefer to store everything on your phone and have constant offline access to it, it may make sense to choose devices with more memory – 64 GB and above. The choice is huge, but the amount of memory significantly affects the cost.

Smartphone RAM

For the normal operation of the system and the launch of several applications at the same time, the best option is 4 GB of RAM, this will be enough for at least 2-3 years. As of 2020, 2 GB is no longer enough for the smooth operation of the software.

The extra storage space has a big impact on the budget. 6-8 GB is the maximum amount that, in theory, may be needed to solve complex and resource-demanding tasks. At the same time, there are devices for sale with a RAM capacity of 10-12 GB, rather this is a marketing ploy of the manufacturer, because for what real purposes so much RAM is difficult to say. In the end, this greatly affects the price tag.

Smartphone battery

Battery is an important aspect for a smartphone. In 2022, the average battery capacity is +-5000 mAh. With active use, the device will last for a day, in standby mode – 2-3 days. So, it is important to watch some reviews for smartphone battery or test it at some dealership store.


If you want to take professional photos, a SLR camera will cost less, and the quality will be better than on the most expensive flagship. However, smartphones are already capable of taking fairly high-quality photos, as well as shooting videos, including in 4k / 8k format. Moreover, you can shoot video in slow motion format – it shows the world around you in a form in which it cannot be processed by the brain.

You won’t surprise anyone with two cameras (main and front for selfies), the manufacturer has gone further. Even inexpensive smartphones are increasingly equipped with 3-5 cameras, each of which is responsible for a specific shooting format.


If you want to get a good smartphone, go for Huawei phones. Huawei y9 is really popular these days, as it all the latest specs and is very inexpensive too.

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